Articles - 2019

2019 Articles


The nonsense logic of the Brexit Remoaners

UK Net Migration

Mass-shootings are due to Computer Games


Apparently flags are considered offensive

Nick Clegg - Bullshitter Extraordinaire

EU Threatens UK

How Homosexual Men Are Made

Mr Nanny State Cataloguing His Boring Life

Female Teachers Having Sex With Pupils

Brexit , Boris Johnson and Biased Journalism

A Nanny State needs a continuous stream of socialist ideas to fuel it

BBC - Biased Boris Corporation

Milking the Dead

BBC Britibox - Turkeys Voting for Christmas

The rag that is The Guardian

Modern Day Slavery

Knives Do Not Kill People - People Kill People

Lynch Mob Politics

If all else fails - play the racist card

Donald Trump Sexual Abuse

Jeffrey Epstein


Wimbledon --> Trashed

Boris Johnson, Heck Sausages and the Moronic Crowd

Trump and the American Psyche

Boris Johnson Pledges

The BBC Gravy Train

Royalexit and BBCexit

Whatever You Do - Don't Say the N-Word!


The Glastonbury Crowd Are So Right On!

23rd June 2019 - 3 Years after the Brexit Referendum

MPs Still Don't Get It!

The Press Obsession With a Pair of Tits

Racial Bias

Proof People Don't Want the BBC's Shit Programmes


BBC vs Over-75s

nth Referendum

People that Want to Live in a Democratic Country but Don't Believe in Democracy

The 10 Conservative Leadership Candidates

Snowflake UK

Animal Cruelty = No Sentence

IoM - TT - ITV4

One Born Every Minute, And Two To Take Him

Donald Trump's State Visit

Morrissey versus Freespeech

For Britain versus Freespeech

David Icke versus Freespeech

Boris Johnson versus Freespeech