The nonsense logic of the Brexit Remoaners

The nonsense logic of the Brexit Remoaners

August 2019

An example of a typical confused Guardian on Brexit:

Remainers will do anything to stop Brexit, except install Corbyn as PM. Why?, The Guardian, 15th August 2019

This article states; I have added numbers 1, 2 and 3:

"1) Brexiters stop at nothing to get what they want and remainers stop at everything. The laws of political motion then dictate which direction things move.

2) Jeremy Corbyn has written to MPs inviting them to install him in Downing Street, having deposed Boris Johnson with a vote of no confidence. His tenure would, he promises, be “strictly time-limited” – long enough to call a general election and seek the necessary article 50 extension to conduct a ballot.

3) For Corbyn this is the simplest route out of the current mess. There is a government hell-bent on doing something that a majority of MPs oppose and believe to be ruinous – hurtling off a Brexit cliff-edge. The Fixed-term Parliaments Act gives the Commons 14 days to organise a replacement when an incumbent government is defeated in a no-confidence vote. Who else is going to lead that administration if not the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition? In constitutional terms he is the obvious candidate; probably the only candidate."

Let's examine the above points. First 1).

Point 1) "Brexiters stop at nothing". It is called the implementation of democracy because the majority voted to exit the EU.

Point 2) The Brexit Referendum was nothing to do with MPs or the House of Commons. It was a pepples vote to exit the EU. MPs have hijacked it.

Point 3) "There is a government hell-bent on doing something that a majority of MPs oppose". Again, the Brexit Referendum was not about what MPs think.

...etc, etc, etc. Such people refuse to acknowledge what the Brexit Referendum was about.