Lilly Allen Defending the Muslim Rape Gangs

Lilly Allen Defending the Muslim Rape Gangs

December 2019

In 2018 the news article emerged:

Labour’s Jess Phillips Sides With Lily Allen in Defending Muslim Rape Gangs, Breitbart, 8th January 2018

In this article we see the Twitter comments of Lilly Allen on the Muslim gang rapists:

1) Lily Allen, after she claimed grooming gang victims would have been “raped or abused by somebody else at some point” if Muslim groomers were not present in the United Kingdom.

2) Asked if the victims, who were overwhelmingly white working class, would have been groomed if their abusers were not present in the country, Allen claimed that, “Actually, there’s a strong possibility they would have been raped and abused by somebody else at some point. That’s kind of the issue.”

3) The celebrity then tried to divert attention from the subject of grooming gangs by saying people should be concerned with another type of abuser — “men that have sex with their stepdaughters twice a week for years at a time … neighbours, uncles, gardeners, priests, fast food restaurant managers that do it over and over again” — who she characterised as 100 per cent “British white males”.

Regarding the claims she makes about the girls being raped by "somebody else" at "some point". Where is the empirical evidence to support these wild claims?

She then states that there are "white males" that "have sex with their stepdaughters". There are equally non-white males who also have sex with their stepdaughters.

Let's try and sum up Allen's logic:

Imagine an illegal car on the road with no tax/mot/insurance. Let's say the vehicle runs down a child. If the vehicle was not on the road it could not have killed the child. According to Allen's logic, the child would have been run down anyway.

I think she suffers from a thing called brain fog.