The Anti-Democratics

The Anti-Democratics

December 2019

At the Brexit referendum on the 23rd of June 2016 17.4 million people [the MAJORITY] voted to exit the EU Fascist State.

Ever since that day there have been people campaigning to stop this democratic process.

Consider, for instance, Steve Bray who shouted out "Stop Brexit" outside the House of Commons for 847 days.

Man who shouted STOOOP BREEEXXXIIIIT for 847 days finally admits defeat, The Metro, 18th December 2019

Then there were the SNP who adopted a "Stop Brexit" approach and were proud to let everyone know by way of driving round in a coach clearly signaling their position. Yes - that is Nicola Sturgeon standing in front of their "Stop Brexit" coach, with her photograph also on the side of the coach.

And what about Jo Swinson and the LibDems who also adopted a "Stop Brexit" approach with "Stop Brexit" leaflets, signs and coaches.

1,242,380 (3.9%) people voted for the SNP and 3,696,423 (11.6%) for the LibDems. That is a total of 4,938,803 people who want to live in a democratic country but don't subscribe to the democratic process unless the decision agrees with them.

And finally, we cannot forget the non-entity Green Party.

How anyone can wear a hat, hold up a sign or drive round in a coach saying "Stop Brexit" beggars belief. They might as well have held up a sign stating "Stop Democracy". Completely delusional for someone living in a democracy.

"Stop General Election Result"

Why do we not see Steve Bray, the SNP, LibDems and Greens holding up signs saying "Stop General Election Result" following the 12th of December General Election result?

For some strange reason it is OK to protest for months/years on a referendum decision but not to contest a GE result. I'm confused by such irrational logic.

If anything a referendum is a truer measure of the will of the people since it is a proportional representation vote. One person - one vote unlike the "first past the post" GE voting system. Clearly, such anti-democratics can't trust the people with the process of decision making.