BBC - Biased Boris Corporation

BBC - Biased Boris Corporation

July 2019

Once it was official and Boris Johnson was the new leader of the Conservative Party and PM then the BBC went into overdrive to discredit the man.

In the 24th of July article in the Express BBC News: ‘Biased’ BBC reporting of Boris Johnson leaves viewers FURIOUS ‘I’m sick of it’ we learn about the BBC's persecution of this man.

This instance occurred on the 24th July version of BBC Breakfast was decidedly “biased” against Boris Johnson after three politicians who didn’t like the decision to have Boris Johnson as Prime Minister were aired one after the other.

It was a similar story on BBC Radio. I listened to the Radio 4 World at One programme that day from start to finish,and just couldn't believe what I heard. Sarah Montague (the interviewer) asked Robert Generis:''Is there anything you can think of where he [Boris] was telling the truth?'' and later asked ''What about his temper?'' Every one of her questions was of this negative nature. Later she interviewed Guto Harri and continued her totally negative line of questioning. She asked him: to comment on the New York Times headline ''Boris for whom lying comes as easy as breathing''. Every interviewee was encouraged to piss on Johnson.

Later in the day I listened to Evan Davis Radio 4 Today programme at 5pm - again unremitting negativity! Davis dug right back as far as he could in Johnson's life to find negativity after negativity. Again every single interviewee was encouraged to piss on Johnson.

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