Brexit, Boris Johnson and Biased Journalism

Brexit, Boris Johnson and Biased Journalism

July 2019

Thought I'd start a page that starts logging biased reporting on Brexit and Boris Johnson, as organisations such as the BBC and the rag that is The Guardian have it in for both Johnson and Brexit.

24th July

As soon as Boris Johnson became PM ()and even before) the BBC had it in for him, because their view is he is partly responsible for exiting the EU in the first place. Their bias was beautifully summed up in the 24th of July Express article BBC News: ‘Biased’ BBC reporting of Boris Johnson leaves viewers FURIOUS ‘I’m sick of it’. In this article we learnt how on the BBC Breakfast programme on the morning of the 24th of July who one after another guest was invited on the show for no other reason than to piss on Boris.

I listened to the Radio 4 World at One programme that day from start to finish,and just couldn't believe what I heard. Sarah Montague (the interviewer) asked Robert Generis:''Is there anything you can think of where he [Boris] was telling the truth?'' and later asked ''What about his temper?'' Every one of her questions was of this negative nature. Later she interviewed Guto Harri and continued her totally negative line of questioning. She asked him: to comment on the New York Times headline ''Boris for whom lying comes as easy as breathing''. Every interviewee was encouraged to piss on Johnson.

Later in the day I listened to Evan Davis Radio 4 Today programme at 5pm - again unremitting negativity! Davis dug right back as far as he could in Johnson's life to find negativity after negativity. Again every single interviewee was encouraged to piss on Johnson.

26th July

This morning's Radio 4 ''Today'' programme was just incredible! Presenters Michelle Hussain and Martha Kearney spent the whole time digging for dirt against Boris. Hussain interviewed the American Ambassador. She had dredged way back into Boris's past to find negative comments he had made against Trump. In the end, even the Ambassador got sick of her negativity and said ''Would it not be a good idea at this moment in time to look for the positive things at the start of this new administration?''. It didn't stop there though. Next Hussain moved on to Germany to find negative comments in the German media and people against Boris. Frankly, I find this relentless onslaught on Johnson shocking.

Formal Complaints

A formal complaint has been lodged for all of the above instances of biased journalism from the BBC. This is easily done via their own website:

Other Instances of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Other typical biased articles. Typically the title is enough to infer the underlying tone. This is not journalism but a witch hunt. They cannot single a single good word or show any form of positivity to towards a government that wants to exit the EU and implement the will of the people.


Boris Johnson's Brexit policy 'unacceptable' - EU negotiator, BBC News, 25th July

'The Brexit turmoil is only just beginning', BBC News, 31st July

The rag that is The Guardian

Trade and foreign aid: will Boris Johnson bring an end to DfID?, The Guardian, 24th July

Boris Johnson, tough on the economic causes of Brexit? Not likely, The Guardian, 25th July

UK on course for no-deal Brexit as Johnson rejects EU agreement, The Guardian, 26th July

The Guardian: Brexit deadlock as No 10 insists EU must scrap backstop before talks, The Guardian, 26th July

Johnson's put UK on Brexit collision course, says Irish deputy PM, The Guardian, 26th July

Sacked minister urges Boris Johnson to dial down Brexit rhetoric, The Guardian, 27th July

Boris Johnson ‘turbo-charging’ no-deal Brexit plans, say ministers, The Guardian, 28th July

Hammond plots with Labour to kill Johnson’s no-deal Brexit plan, The Guardian, 28th July

Dude, I take no pleasure in having been right about Boris Johnson, The Guardian, 28th July

An extract from this article:

"I believe it was I who wrote in June 2017 in this very paper: “The secret Tory steering committee has always intended Boris Johnson to be leader of the party and Theresa May has only been put in place as a kind of palate cleanser, a nasty-tasting mouthwash that you swill around your gums before being forced to eat actual human shit."

This is an example of how low this rag will resort to in their quest against anyone associated with exiting the EU.

Johnson refuses to meet EU leaders unless they scrap backstop, The Guardian, 29th July

‘Wonderfully inane’: the art critic’s view on Boris Johnson’s first photos, The Guardian, 29th July

which is a personal attack on Johnson's character and general demeanour. Specifically they use the word "inane": "lacking sense or meaning; silly"

We'll block trade deal if Brexit imperils open Irish border, say US politicians, The Guardian, 31st July 2019

Leo Varadkar looks like an adult because the UK is acting like a spoilt toddler, The Guardian, 31st July 2019

This article states: "The taoiseach isn’t that popular in Ireland, but can’t fail to look statesmanlike compared with bumbling Boris Johnson "

This isn't independent journalism!

Sinn Féin: vote on Irish reunification must follow no-deal Brexit, The Guardian, 31st July

Bank of England warns of 1 in 3 chance of Brexit recession, The Guardian, 1st August

The Guardian: Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating Brexit deal, EU told, The Guardian, 5th August 2019

Could the Queen sack Boris Johnson? The experts are divided, The Guardian, 7th August 2019

Even this is a new low in the Guardian's low standards. Considering whether the Queen could sack the PM!

The Guardian view on Boris Johnson and the EU: he cannot be serious, The Guardian, 20th August 2019

Brexit: Boris Johnson prepares to visit Berlin as minister struggles to defend his 'collaboration' jibe - live news, The Guardian, 21st August 2019