Female Teachers Having Sex With Pupils

Female Teachers Having Sex With Pupils

July 2019

I've took a note of this article in the Manchester Evening News:

Teaching assistant 'planned hotel room sexual encounter with schoolboy' , 26th July 2019

for the simple reason that as a rule in the UK female teachers that are sexual predators are typically NOT imprisoned.

The stories this woman told the court beggar belief how she booked a hotel room to meet a school child, bought new underwear, etc and because she wanted to tell him it was over and she wanted a good night's sleep. However, the jury are not that thick and saw through her. However, sentencing was pushed back till September - 2 months after the conviction so that everyone has hopefully forgotten about the case by then. If the teacher was male and attempted to seduce a girl school child to a hotel he would be locked up and rightly so.


Well! I nearly fell off my chair when a 2 year sentence was handed out in September:

Lydiate teaching assistant groomed boy, 15, for sex, BBC News, 2nd September 2019

The article informs us:

"As well as a two-year jail term, Beattie-Milligan was given a 10-year sexual harm prevention order and placed on the sex offenders register for 10 years."

Maybe British justice isn't as lost as I thought it was.


Remember the case of Eleanor Wilson who was struck off for allegedly having sex with a schoolboy in the toilet of a plane when returning from a trip:

Physics teacher Eleanor Wilson who had sex with pupil in plane toilet, Evening Standard, 27th July 2017.

Well, the case was kicked out of court by the judge after he demanded a unanimous decision from the jury. In doing so he effectively opted in her favour knowing that such decisions are rare in such cases. After the jury struggled to reach a unanimous decision he kicked out the case. She received 0 sentence.

We subsequently learnt that the CPS decided NOT to hold a retrial:

Teacher accused of having sex with student on flight will not face retrial, The Independent, 18th October 2018.

Later, she claimed the whole thing was fabricated even though there were multiple eye witness accounts and testimonials of the events:

Teacher struck off for having sex with pupil on plane was framed by boy who sent her 'explicit images', brother claims, The Telegraph, 27th July 2017.

She was in fact pregnant and it would have been a simple case to test the DNA of the baby to determine who the father was.


In the US they don't have a problem locking women up; although only 180 days [6 months]:

School nurse, 46, had sex with boy, 16, then told her colleagues all about it, The Metro, 24th July 2019.