If all else fails - play the racist card

If all else fails - play the racist card

July 2019

The 10th of July Telegraph article Uber drivers claim London Mayor's new levy is 'racist' informed us:

"Uber drivers have claimed that congestion charges introduced by London mayor Sadiq Khan are racist and discriminate against women. Drivers appeared in court on Wednesday to battle against Transport for London and the Mayor of London over the levy, which they claim affects a workforce whose drivers are 94pc from ethnic minority backgrounds. The £11.50 daily levy to drive into central London does not apply to drivers of traditional London black taxi cabs, 88pc of whom are white. "

Unbelievable eh! Anyone can drive a taxi and just because the majority are from so-called "ethnic minorities" [whatever that means] they therefore believe they have a case of racial discrimination. The stupidity and downright low-level tactics of some people never ceases to amaze me.

The above article states:

"... a workforce whose drivers are 94pc from ethnic minority backgrounds ..."

Hold on a minute! Politicians keep telling the British people that migrants are highly skilled workers and making a significant contribution to the UK economy. The reality is that it appears a lot of them end up driving taxis.

On the 24th of July we learnt of the ruling on this nonsense; eg The Evening Standard article Sadiq Khan's minicab congestion charge 'not unlawfully discriminatory', High Court rules. The High Court showed common sense and ruled that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan's decision to introduce the congestion charge for minicab drivers is not unlawfully discriminatory.