Nick Clegg - Bullshitter Extraordinaire

Nick Clegg - Bullshitter Extraordinaire

July 2019

I see Nick Clegg released his book "How To Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again)" back in 2017.

What a contradiction: Give £18 billion / year away to the EU and expect the UK to be great again.

One of the Reviewers on Amazon-UK sums up this book and this man:

"... Nick Clegg said that this would be a once in a lifetime vote, that whatever the result we would respect it. At least that's what he said when he thought he was going to win... This book is essentially him proving why we should never trust a word he says ..."

This is the man that when he was in the coalition government with Cameron and served as deputy-PM, I used to refer to him as "What is it is this week Nick?". Each week he would exploit his position to get himself on the Today programme, or anyone that would have him and he'd pitch his latest idea that one of his researchers thought up over the weekend. The following week he'd forgotten the previous week's great and good cause and he was onto something else. He had zero commitment to any idea he put forward.

When this guy was knighted I nearly pissed myself laughing.

In October 2018 he joined forces with that other bullshit organisation, Facebook.