Whatever You Do - Don't Say the N-Word!

Whatever You Do - Don't Say the N-Word!

July 2019

On the 1st of July 2019 we learnt from an article in The Telegraph how a Cambridge University PhD student quit her postdoctoral course because a lecturer used the N-word - that is, the Nigger word. A word now so despised it must not be uttered and must be written as "the n-word". A word so powerful that if it passes one's lips plagues of boils can descend on a nation. Well, maybe not plagues of boils in the current case and merely a student quitting their course.

In the article Cambridge University accused of racism for allowing non-black lecturer to read N-word aloud we learn how the 26 year old PhD student Indiana Seresin stated:

“repeatedly read aloud the n-word during our class discussions”

Wow - shock horror! A professional English lecturer used the Nigger word. Wow - shock horror! Talk about being touchy and sensitive.

She and others found the use of the word "intimidating". She also stated:

“Many of those present seemed simply unable to comprehend the difference between a black writer reclaiming the n-word and a non-black Cambridge lecturer or student saying it aloud in class.”

So, hold on a minute! It is OK for a black person to say the word Nigger but not for a non-black person to use the word? Talk about double-standards.

As I write this article and use the word Nigger - am I Black, White, Chinese, Mexican, ...? Should it make a difference? If you discovered my identity then does this article become either valid or invalid. What a load of nonsense.

There are 2 key ways to use the word Nigger:

1) I can use it in the context of a historical discussion or debate, which the English lecturer was probably doing.

2) Or, I can use it as part of offensive language.

Take it from me that if I exercised both of the above cases you would know the difference! Thus, it is not the word itself but the manner in which it is used.

Yet another instance of modern-day Nanny State political correctness from someone that needs to get real. On the grand scheme of the Universe the use of a word is very insignificant.