Wimbledon --> Trashed

Wimbledon --> Trashed

July 2019

I can no longer watch the television coverage of Wimbledon without having the TV on mute.

Once one of the most beautiful games trashed by a now endless stream of grunters.

Then there are the serve ball bouncers such as Nadal and Djokovic, who on average bounce the ball on the grass 10/11 times before making their serve.

And there are the 130mph serve gang of 6'5"+ servers that just know how to whack a ball when serving but have zero other match play skills.

And what about the towel-ers, who after every fucking point of play wipe their face and other bodily parts with a towel.

The fist-pumpers and "come-ons" after every damn point.

What a boring horrible game tennis has become. Yes, there are still enjoyable players to watch but they are increasingly few. The game has been trashed.