Animal Cruelty = No Sentence

Animal Cruelty = No Sentence

June 2019

A 10th of June 2019 article in The Telegraph caught my attention. It was entitled Hunt saboteurs use covert surveillance to secure animal cruelty convictions and discusses the case of animal cruelty in relation to fox hunting.

It states how Paul Oliver was convicted of 4 counts of animal cruelty for allowing his hounds to kill 4 fox cubs. The cubs were caught and then used to "blood" his hounds. Once the cubs had served their purpose and ripped to shreds by his dogs he tossed them in a wheelie bin.

The judge [Joanna Dickens ] formally stated that the actions of Oliver led to "painful and terrifying" deaths.

And what did Oliver get for this animal cruelty?:

  • A 16 week suspended sentence. In plain English that means 0 days incarcerated.
  • £300 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge. £415 - not even a week's wages!

Animal cruelty - a fucking disgrace.

Sentencing - a fucking disgrace.

And here's the animal torturer: