BBC vs Over-75s

BBC vs Over-75s

June 2019

In the 18th June 2019 article TV licence fee: Everything the BBC would lose if it paid for over-75 TV licenses we learn of the BBC blaming the government for having to abolish the license fee exemption on the over-75s.

Oh, come on - really!

At £154.50/year the BBC is a totally out of touch broadcasting dinosaur milking the British taxpayer/license payer. Compare the annual cost of £154.50 against what one could receive using an alternative service such as Netflix, Amazon, Sky, ...

If what the BBC delivers is "world-beating", which they keep telling us, then move over to a subscription-based system. Having such a world-beating service then they'll have nothing to worry about.

If having to now charge over-75s the license is not their fault but the government's then move over to a subscription system, charge an extra £200/year for under-75s and then once again give a free-service for the over-75s. There - that solves your problem! But, who is going to pay £200/year for their shit? And who even wants to pay £154.50/year for their 2 channels of shit? Nobody.

British people are paying the £154.50 to watch television - not just the BBC's rubbish. Even if you don't watch BBC and stick to ITV, Channel4, etc you still have to pay the license. Why is that? Because it is a fee to watch TV. And yet the likes of ITV survives in a 21st Century commercial world by way of advertising.

The whole notion of the license fee is something from the Dark Ages of when the BBC was first formed and should have been abolished years ago as soon as ITV was formed.

Assume the license fee was scrapped entirely. Then, all the over-75s would be free to watch ITV, Channel4, Channel5, Freeview, etc. And the only channels they would not be able to watch were BBC1 and BBC2, if a BBC subscription system was in place. Thus, we see that at the heart of the issue is the current license fee system itself in penalising the over-75s for watching TV and not specifically BBC material.

The government is not to blame but the license fee system itself.