Boris Johnson versus Freespeech

Boris Johnson versus Freespeech

June 2019

I have a lot of time for Boris Johnson after he referred to Muslim women wearing burkas as looking like letter boxes and bank robbers. Although the freespeech thought police crawled out of the woodwork and demanded an apology he did not cave in and held true to what he said.

In the Sky News article Boris Johnson: I would not veil my language as prime minister he reaffirmed that if he became Prime Minister following the resignation of lame duck Theresa May he would not curtail his language.

He said:

"... British public felt alienated from those in Westminster because too often they feel we are muffling and veiling our language. ... But I will continue to speak as directly as I can. Because that is what I think the British public want to hear. ..."

Some people just have no sense of humour ...