David Icke versus Freespeech

David Icke versus Freespeech

June 2019

The rag that is The Guardian ran an article dated the 1st of February 2019 about calls for David Icke to be banned from speaking in Australia; Conspiracy theorist David Icke should be banned from Australia, minister told.

Icke has the Anti-Defamation Commission monkeys on his back and hound him for everything he says and everywhere he goes. They claim that he is a "hate preacher", an antisemitic and the usual other modern-day labeling.

The Jewish charity Community Security Trust have him down as “a hate preacher with a 21st-century spin on a very old antisemitic conspiracy theory”.

Labor’s candidate Josh Burns in the Victorian seat of Macnamara wrote that Icke “promotes antisemitic conspiracy theories and has an extensive history of spreading hate” and called for his VISA to be revoked. He also said “It is imperative that the government stop racist hate preaches like Mr Icke visiting Australia and profiting off racism.”

Alex Ryvchin, the co-chief executive of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry stated "Icke’s conspiracy theories always find favour in weak minds and his claims that Jews financed everything from the slave trade to the Holocaust, and carry out false flag attacks, appeal to all varieties of extremists."

Seems they all have an opinion about the man.

David Icke responded by saying:

"... a laughable and outrageous misrepresentation ... I won’t even be mentioning Jewish people or Zionism in my talks in Australia ... labels of race, colour, religion, income bracket etc are merely transitory experiences and not a reflection of the true I, which is the ultimate non-racist way of looking at life ... If the immigration minister David Coleman acts on this extraordinary misrepresentation of my views he will reveal that freedom of speech and assembly is over in Australia. ..."