IoM - TT - ITV4

IoM - TT - ITV4

June 2019

The ITV4 coverage of the 2019 Isle of Man TT races was, in a word, shit.

I like motorbikes and like thousands of others around the world look forward to the TT each year, and the televised coverage of the various races.

Yes, the 2019 practice and race schedules were plagued by bad weather but putting that to one side, the ITV4 coverage of the 2019 TT event has to go down as some of the worst coverage possible. Typically on TV on ITV4 at 9pm each night between the 25th of May and the 7th of June on 2 occasions the evening's coverage summary consisted of simply replaying the equivalent category of race from 2018. If you were a few minutes late in tuning in then you would have been confused as to what was going on, as only a brief statement was made before the programming commenced.

An entire crew of hosts and camera crew go over to the island for 2 weeks and in the event of rain their plan B is to simply sit on their arses and do fuck-all and to replay racing from the previous year. Now that is pretty poor in anyone's book! Instead, no speaking to some of the thousands of fans that made their way over to the island, some from as far as Australia. No, speaking to B&B owners, hotel owners, etc. No more in-depth look at the bikes, and so on. Nah - just replay the 2018 footage. What an absolute sham.

In all the years I've been watching the coverage of the TT the 2019 ITV4 coverage has to go down as the worst.