Don't Believe in Democracy

People that Want to Live in a Democratic Country but Don't Believe in Democracy

June 2019

On the 17th of June 2019 the Daily Mail ran the article Another rotten borough': Nigel Farage lashes out after observers warn Labour's by-election win in Peterborough was 'like corrupt Kazakhstan' as police probe five cases of 'malpractice that summarised the dirty goings on in the Peterborough election.

The article highlights that the Labour candidate's victory by just 683 votes [2% of the 33,998 votes cast, or should I say counted] could have been very different if the following had not taken place:

  • The burning of Brexit Party postal votes.
  • Photographing voting cards, to prove to others of how they voted.
  • A convicted vote rigger was at the centre of the party’s campaign.
  • Bribery and intimidation.
  • Votes being witnessed in voting booths.

An agenda pushed forward by people that want the benefits of living in a democratic country but don't believe in democracy.

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