Proof People Don't Want the BBC's Shit Programmes

Proof People Don't Want the BBC's Shit Programmes

June 2019

In the 17th June 2019 article More than 20 shows on the BBC's new £32m Scottish TV channel attract ZERO viewers as public brands it 'rubbish' and a 'waste' of the licence fee we learn that the recently launch £32m Scottish TV channels attracted effectively 0 viewers. Proof, if needed, that people don't want their rubbish programming.

21 new channels of pompous old-fashioned programming from an out of touch broadcaster.

The article states:

"Journalism professor and former BBC editor Tim Luckhurst said: 'The figures are deplorable. But they simply confirm the central flaw in the entire project; there was never a shred of audience demand for it. ... It was launched in a forlorn attempt to please the SNP, a classic example of why the BBC should never bow to political bullying."

And here we see another example of the SNP's brainwashing of the Scottish people in their whipping up of nationalism and attempt to create divisions between the Scottish and predominantly English neighbours.