Racial Bias



Racial Bias aka Racism

June 2019

Some recent examples of racial bias.


Teachers in New York City told to 'focus on middle class black students over poor white students' in training for controversial 'racial equity' plan, Daily Mail, 26th May 2019

This article states:

"A consultant working with New York City public schools on its implicit bias training allegedly told educators and staff that resources should be devoted to middle class black students over poor white ones. ..."

So, in striving for equality you enforce inequality!


What Cambridge University taught us about racism, The Guardian, 15th June 2019

This article describes the recent book written by Chelsea Kwakye and Ore Ogunbly, who both recently complete degrees at Cambridge University. Their 2019 book is titled Taking Up Space: The Black Girl’s Manifesto for Change. Imagine a book entitled Taking Up Space: The White Girl’s Manifesto for Change. How do you think that would go down? They criticise racism but indirectly are racist themselves.


Stormzy unveils Cambridge scholarships, Cambridge University website

In this page it states:

"British musician Stormzy has announced ‘The Stormzy Scholarship’, a brand new studentship scheme for University of Cambridge students which will see four British black students provided with financial support during their degree courses."

What, I hear you say? A scholarship in which only black students can apply. Isn't that racist?

It also states:

"To be eligible for a 2018 entry The Stormzy Scholarship applicants must be of black ethnicity ..."

I look forward to a formal definition of "black ethnicity".

The University of Cambridge’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, says:

“Stormzy is an inspiration ... He wants to inspire talented young black people ..."

but only "black people".