Snowflake UK

Snowflake UK

June 2019

This modern day snowflake world gets worse by the year. On the 11th of June 2019 we read in The Telegraph article Pupils 'triggered' by calorie-counting question in maths test have the right to complain, says exam board how students how students were upset by the wording of an exam question. The question read:

"There are 84 calories in 100g of banana. There are 87 calories in 100g of yogurt. Priti has 60g of banana and 150g of yogurt for breakfast. Work out the total number of calories in this breakfast."

The students were not distressed by the absolutely piss-easy question but rather by it making reference to FOOD. This is the aspect that anorexics/fatties took offence to. The article states:

"One student, a recovering anorexic, told how she was so upset by the question that she had to leave the exam hall in a panic."

Fucking unbelievable!