Benefits Bastards

Benefits Bastards

Benefits scammers take money away from where it is intended and needed. Unfortunately in MugUK the law is soft on them.

October 2019

1) Nasreen Akhtar scammed £260,000 from MugUK between 2003 and 2013. Jailed for 2 years. Will the taxpayer get the money back?

Benefits cheat who scammed £260k caught out after partner found in her bed, Mirror, 12th October 2019

2) Nasera Iqbal scammed £23,000+ from MugUK between 2011 and 2016.

Greedy benefit cheat bought a house while claiming thousands from taxpayer, Bolton News, 18th October 2019

The idiot of a judge stated:

"I don't think it is necessary to send you prison but I do think that you require punishment and the public need to see you punished for this dishonesty."

A proceeds of crime hearing will take place on February 10 in order to force Iqbal to repay the cash. Mark this date in your diary and we'll see!

3) Czech gang scammed £33,000/week and more than £535,000 between 2008 and 2010 by setting up false child benefit and false benefit names.

The £33,000 a week benefit scam 'so easy a child could do it’, The Telegraph, 12th October 2013

The following articles details their sentencing:

Benefits scammers gang jailed, ITV, 4th November 2013

This article details that the stolen money amounted to more than £750,000

Julius Ziga = 4 years in prison

Ivita Serkova = 5 years in prison

Jan Licko = 3 years in prison

Alena Lackova = 2 year suspended sentence [no prison sentence]

Magalena Ferkova = not sentenced, as she absconded during the trial, and there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

What a joke! The UK taxpayer wants the money back.