Corbyn's 10 Commandments

Corbyn's 10 Commandments

November 2019

Sometimes you see something that is so hilarious that you just have to go and take a lie down, otherwise you'd fall over. This happened to me when I saw "Corbyn's 10 Commandments". A photo is in order:

UK - The Amateurish Nation. "Go Jez"

Jeremy Corbyn ‘does an Ed Miliband’ by releasing his 10 election commandments, The Sun, 6th November 2019.

Man, white beard, 10 commandments ... sound familiar? Does he view himself as Moses? Some sort of people saviour? Are we to follow him to the promised land of Labour?

The two poor women either side of him don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Talk about revealing the Christian in him: Crazy Christian Corbyn.

I wonder if this is his way of trying to keep the Jews happy and fight off the endless anti-semitic claims against both him and his party.

I'm curious what the Muslims think of his Christian-inspired 10 Commandments.

Let's focus on Commandment 2: "Get Brexit Sorted in 6 Months".

Who wrote this shit?

Here is a party and leader that have done everything they can since the 23rd of June 2016 [3.5 years ago] to prevent the UK's exit from the EU Fascist State, which the majority of the electorate voted for. Corbyn was first with the majority. Then he wanted another General Election. Then he was for a 2nd Referendum. Now he will sort Brexit out after 6 months. The guy is insane and must think the people are stupid. Just like the Crazy Christians, he preaches mumbo jumbo gobbledegook.

I'm sorry - I can't help myself. I must examine Commandment 7: "Rough Sleeping".

I sleep rough every night. Whereas "Sleeping Rough" - I know what that means.

Just like BigG's 10 Commandments - more holes in them than a sieve.

All a bit of a pun by The Sun on Ed Miliband's 2015 "Ed Stone", but nevertheless highly believable from Crazy Christian Corbyn.

Socialist Bottom Wiping

'I’ve paid my way for 70 years' Britons FURIOUS as Corbyn says young shouldn't have to pay, Express, 7th November 2019

In a recent election speech Commi Corbyn stated:

"It is time we started building a country fit for the next generation where young people don’t fear the future but look forward with confidence. ... Think of the young people who are given the subliminal message to look after your own education and look after your own health, forget about council housing, make your own way in the world. ... It’s depressing, it’s unnecessary and it’s all part of the contraction of the public realm and the public state."

Socialist Manifesto

As part of Commi Corbyn's December 2019 General Election pledge he stated to “share power and wealth with people”:

‘Terrifying - keep Corbyn out of No 10!’ Dreaded Labour policy YOU fear most - poll result, Express, 7th November 2019

This pledge takes the form of:

1) Reducing the working week to four days and 32 hours as part of a push to put more power into the hands of workers.

2) A huge crackdown on landlords that would enable tenants to buy their rented properties.

3) Scrapping private schools and integrating them into the state sector.

4) Overhaul Inheritance Tax, replacing it with something they have described as a “lifetime gifts tax”. The current scheme allows up to £475,000 or £950,000 for couples to be passed on without being taxed. However, under Labour’s new proposals, everything a recipient receives above £125,000 would be taxed annually at standard income tax rates.

The man is insane and wants to take Britain back 100 years.

And don't forget previous pledges this man made. Of nationalising the railways and utility companies. Just imagine the UK State having to buy all London Stockmarket shares for companies such as National Grid, Centrica, ... I roughly worked this out and the total biil is of the order of £300+ billion. The guy is a Commi nutter.