Criminal Offence for Parents to Smack Their Children

Criminal Offence for Parents to Smack Their Children

November 2019

Snowflake UK continues to grow and recently Scotland saw the ban on smacking children:

Restraint of kids has no place in civilised society, Daily Record, 5th November 2019

The smacking ban Bill was introduced by Scottish Greens’ MSP John Finnie, a former police officer, who said smacking teaches children that “might is right”.

My question is this. The unofficial ban on smacking children has been in place for some time now. Why then, is there more violent crime committed by the young than before smacking was banned?

Knife crime in London and other major cities has never been so bad. But shouldn't such crime be reducing because children from an early age are not taught "violence" through smacking?

Their own arguments put forward for banning smacking do not hold water. Indeed, we just have to wait a few days until we read the article:

Figures show Broxburn Academy has seen increase in aggressive incidents in past two years, Daily Record, 6th November 2019

which shows that physical violence and abuse against teachers has never been so high. This is no coincidence and a direct result of the gradual erosion of disciplining children at home, school and in the greater society.

On the topic of “might is right” - the liberal socialist MSP John Finnie should take a good look at Nature, for it is one of its overarching principles.