Gary Lineker's Hourly Rate

Gary Lineker's Hourly Rate

November 2019

We've all heard of Gary Lineker's annual salary of £1.75 million, but I always wondered what he actually does for this.

It would appear that Clare Balding has the same question:

BBC pay fury: Clare Balding demands to know how much Gary Lineker is paid each hour, Express, 3rd November 2019

We learn that Lineker hosts Match of the Day. Is that all? I hear you ask. It would appear so.

Balding hosted the Olympics Games and was paid around £175,000 - 1/10th of Lineker. She wants to know what Lineker's hourly rate is so that we can compare apples against apples.

The above estimates that Lineker's hourly rate is £14,113 (1,764 x £8 min wage) an hour, while Balding’s hourly is £1,056 (132 x £8 min wage).


Every good gag needs a punchline and for this news story it's the well kept BBC salary of Graeme Norton, reportedly far greater than Lineker as some of his salary is relayed through subsidiary BBC contracted companies. The BBC being what it is likes to keep clear of getting involved in a homosexual issue.