Gender-neutral Baby Names - the Sickness Spreads

Gender-neutral Baby Names - the Sickness Spreads

November 2019

The other day I stumbled on a website with the following webpage:

100 Gender-Neutral Baby Names, Very Well Family

On this page it states:

"There are many reasons to consider a gender-neutral name when deciding what to name your child. ... You may believe it will help to prevent gender stereotyping or sexism in your child’s future. You may like the idea of a gender fluid or non-binary name. ..."

So, are they suggesting that all future children are assigned names that are gender-neutral so as to prevent any "stereotyping or sexism" throughout their lives?

Let's put this into context. There are currently <1% of the world's population that grow up and believe they are in the wrong sex body. And yet, future naming of children is to accommodate this small fraction of society. Insanity.