Good riddance - you bore

Good Riddance - You Bore

October 2019

Apparently, John Humphry's own inflated ego rated himself as argumentative:

John Humphrys: 'I'm hugely argumentative by instinct', BBC News, 3rd of October 2019

On the contrary, the guy was a boring old fart that was obsessed with the superficial.

I gave up listening to this old prune face years ago on the Today programme. He would pick up on a totally superficial and irrelevant point and badger the guest to death. For his grossly inflated salary, he didn't know what proper journalism was.

Humphry's was born in 1943 and married to Edna Wilding between 1964-1980s, with which he has 2 children.

At age 56 he had a son with Valerie Sanderson, who was born in 1960, making her 17 years his junior.

In 2009, he began a relationship with the journalist Catherine Bennett, born in 1956, making her 13 years his junior.