My Hero Morrissey - telling the Guardian to Fuck Off

My Hero Morrissey - telling the Guardian to Fuck Off

October 2019

This deserves a photo:

Good on you Morrissey! The rag that is the Guardian is a joke and sums everything that is rotten in the UK at the moment:

Morrissey performs in LA wearing explicit anti-Guardian vest, The Guardian, 27th October 2019

Let's have a few extracts from the twisted fucks behind the rag that is the Guardian:

"supporter of far-right party"

"who has repeatedly expressed support for the far-right party For Britain"

"Earlier this month he ejected an anti-far-right protester from his concert in Portland."

"former Morrissey fan Stewart Lee said he found the best way to deal with the singer was to simply stop listening to him"

" Billy Bragg condemned Morrissey for sharing a video from a YouTube channel that argued that the British establishment was using Stormzy* to promote multiculturalism at the expense of white culture."


Just listen to this rubbish in an attempt to prevent free speech and freedom of expression.

Hey - guys at the rag that is the Guardian - free speech is the ability to tell you to "Fuck Off". You might not like it but that's what truly free speech is all about.

* Shitzy.

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