The Credulity of the Remoaners and a 2nd Referendum

The Credulity of the Remoaners and a 2nd Referendum

October 2019

Brexit: Labour to back official bid for second referendum this week, Mirror, 20th October 2019

Let's consider the reasoning behind holding a 2nd referendum:

1) Such people refuse to accept the decision of the 1st referendum. They accept the result of a General Election and don't call for multiple/repeated GEs but not in the case of referendum. Talk about being inconsistent.

2) If a 2nd referendum is held it can end 1 or 2 ways. Assume it goes against those that call for the 2nd referendum. What then? A 3rd, 4th, ..., nth referendum? Then assume it goes with those calling for the referendum. What then? Do those that didn't call for the referendum call for a 3rd referendum? The reasoning behind demanding a 2nd referendum is the work of someone who does not believe in the process of democracy and a thing called losers consent.