The House of Bercow

The House of Bercow

October 2019

The House of Commons should be renamed The House of Bercow following years of corruption by John Bercow.

In the following article we read of an attack by the Leader of the House of Bercow, Jacob Rees-Mobb, on John Bercow:

Rees-Mogg launches blistering attack on Speaker Bercow - ‘lowest point in modern history’, Express, 30th September 2019

Ann Widdecombe [see YouTube video London Rally - CLEAN BREAK NOW] best summed up the current House of Bercow when she said that it is the worst parliament since the days of Oliver Cromwell.

How the government and parliament could simply stand back and let John Bercow take over the House of Commons beggars belief and stinks of a hidden agenda. Amazing how 1 unelected man can execute a coup over a house of 650+ MPs. What a joke.

An example of how John Bercow runs the show:

Brexit: Bercow refuses to allow 'meaningful vote' on deal today - live news, The Guardian, 21st October 2019

In this article we read how Bercow denied Boris Johnson [Prime Minister and leader of the Government] a 2nd vote stating that the withdrawal bill was "in substance the same" as an earlier one presented. Johnson should told him to fuck off and then booted him out.

The people elect the House of Commons. They DO NOT elect the Speaker.

Crocodile Tears

Incredible isn't it how both Theresa May and John Bercow shed tears on their departure, when all the while they both did their best to build one of the worst and most impotent governments and parliaments in British history.

John Bercow fights back tears as MPs pay tribute to Speaker on his LAST DAY, Express, 31st October 2019