31st October - No Brexit

Tick tock - tick tock - Be Careful What You Promise - 31st October - No Brexit

October 2019

Today is the 31st of October - a date set by the UK government on which the UK would be OUT of the EU Fascist State.

But the UK is NOT out of the EU Fascist State. And all part of another lie by the Representatives.


23rd June 2016 - British people vote to exit the EU --> Voted to exit June 2016. No exit --> Lie

29th March 2019 - British people told deadline for exiting EU and would leave with No Deal anyway --> Lie

31st October 2019 - British told again that the deadline for leaving and would leave even if no deal --> Lie

31st October 2019 - 23rd June 2016 = 3.5 years !!!! --> 3.5+ years of Lies

We just have to go back to the 20th of October 2019 BBC News article in which the UK government were "insisting" the UK would be leaving the EU Fascist State by the end of October:

Brexit: UK will leave EU this month, ministers insist [ORIGINAL TITLE OF ARTICLE]

Brexit: Johnson 'has the numbers' in Commons to pass deal, says Raab


Worth watching, if only for Ann Widdecombe. She uses the press conference to explain why she joined the Brexit Party. It was when Theresa May was caught lying to the public.

The first speaker - Richard - provides an excellent summary of where we are.

It concludes with Farage, who is always good. I admire Farage because he's a clever guy. The way he handles questions, etc is superb. He's a human being and unlike other party MPs can bring himself to actually complement and flatter other people -this is something you never see elsewhere!! Farage would make an excellent PM because he is a human being.

An interesting strategy in that what he's really saying is it's not about the Brexit Party, the Lab or Con parties, etc but about getting Brexit through. This is a good simple solid message. For me, is how it is realised and that the electorate don't get a bit confused.

Brexit - Exposing the Rottenness of British Politics and How the Representative System Does Not Work.