Articles - 2020

Articles - 2020


COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions


Black Racism

Cancelling British Culture

SNP - The Contradiction

The Strange Case of Asylum Seeker Baguma

COVID-19 Vaccine Consultation - The Done Deal

Died from Vaccination

The Great British Police Force

Who Would Have Thought?


How to Pay a Fine

All the Money in the World

Minority Rule

The Danger of the Far-Left

A Rottenness in UK Politics

Replacement Migration

British Charities Assisting the Replacement Migration

No Fixed Abode

Creative Access - A Racist Organisation

Removing the Funnel

The New Abnormal

The New Abnormal - A Collection

Doing My Bit to Help Destroy the Economy

Brexit Voters - You May Have Been Duped

Illegal Immigrants - the Invasion

Illegal Immigrants - A Simple Solution

Illegal Immigrant ("Asylum") Support

Illegal Immigrant Hotels

Illegal immigrants in Hotels - A Trackrecord

Hotel Ownership

Illegal Immigrants and the NHS

Crossing the Channel in a Dinghy - No Asylum Case

Illegals - Law Enforcement or Embarrassment Management?

UKGov's Morally Bankrupt Handling of Illegal Immigrants

Immigrants - Some Facts

Immigrants - Some Documents

Blocking Deportation

Moaning Migrants

Asylum City


The CV-19 Outbreak in a Nutshell

COVID-19 - Suppressing the Truth

NHS - National Hypochondria Service

Nero Played the Fiddle - Johnson Rode a Bicycle

Got the Message Yet?

The Far-Left Cancelling Culture

The Far-Right Cancelling Agenda

The Strange Case of Asylum Seeker Badreddin

I'm Not a Racist but ...

State Racism - An Example

The Removal of French Christian Churches by Muslims

Sadiq Khan - the Knife Crime Weasel

UK - the Nation that No Longer has a Stomach for Imprisoning Criminals

The Dog Called Nigger

Fellow Freedom Fighter - I Salute You!

BLM - I Thank You


BBC Biased Reporting - An Example

The Politicising of Sport

Hamilton the Hypocrite

A Place of Worship

Colston's Statue is Still Standing

Look What They've Done to Our Way of Life

New Zealand Legalised Murder of Newborn Babies


London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Systemic Racism


Burning of Memorial Benches