A Rottenness in UK Politics

A Rottenness in UK Politics

August 2020

On the 6th of August Nigel Farage uploaded a video to SensorTube discussing how illegal immigrants who had recently entered the UK illegally [because that is what illegal immigrants do] where then taken on a sight seeing trip to Liverpool's Anfield football stadium.

Nigel Farage has a right to discuss this matter and show people what is going on. It's called free-speech and like it or not it is a key attribute in a democratic society. Without free-speech and freedom of expression you might as well give up.

Liverpool Major

Let's now take a look at what the Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson had to say about Nigel Farage's right to exercise his right to speak freely:

Mayor Joe says refugees welcome in Liverpool but Nigel Farage isn't, Liverpool Echo, 7th of August 2020.

The Mayor of Liverpool said:

"If he wants to talk football I'll say he's a substitute - for a human being. He's been relegated, he's just totally irrelevant now isn't he."

"Here in Liverpool we will take absolutely no lessons from that man. Liverpool is a humanitarian city and it will always be a humanitarian city and we would much rather see refugees here than Nigel Farage. He will never be welcome in this city and he can stay away."

He's factually wrong when he states "rather see refugees here than Nigel Farage". The process of such people entering the country is:

illegal immigrant --> asylum-seeker --> refugee

The remainder of the article from this rag that calls itself a news outlet is not worth wasting your time reading. But look at the personal attacks in the form:

"He's a substitute - for a human being"

"He will never be welcome in this city"

That's what you get for speaking freely. Statements by an elected Mayor who can only bring himself to spout the UK government official socialist narrative. And why the need for the personal attacks?

Refugees are NOT Welcome

When are we going to see one of the 650 House of Comons MPs stand up and state:

"Illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers and refugees are NOT welcome here in the UK"

When is a mayor or local councillor going to publicly state this?

Never is the answer, and this is why UK politics is so rotten. The UK prides itself on democracy, liberty, free-speech and freedom of expression but we see again and again that when you speak freely some weirdo group take a note of what you said in a little book and will hound you for the rest of your life.

The accepted speech is now always socialist left-wing pap. Anyone who states anything that sticks up for the UK, nationalism and being patriotic is considered unacceptable.

Wow - has the UK lost its way.

Exercise my Right

Illegal immigrants - I do not welcome you. The UK is 1% of the world's population and we cannot sort out the other 99% of the world's problems.

Asylum-seekers - I do not welcome you and do not want you here in the UK. Stay in your own country and look after your own country and people.

Refugees - I do not welcome you here in the UK. Charity begins at home and I care more for my own people than complete strangers.