Asylum City

Asylum City

August 2020

I've actually seen it stated on social media regarding a Red Cross campaign for increased rights and greater freedoms for importing even more immigrants into the UK that they are only paid £5 per day. This is a common technique that is often applied when trying to justify the £billions that the BBC milk the licence payer for and the £millions paid to the Royal Family, in that each just cost the average person 35p a day. Be under no illusions that illegals/asylums/refugees are costing the British taxpayer £billions each year. We have an estimate of the annual cost of housing, clothing and feeding these 155,000 since companies such as Serco and Mears were awarded a £4billion contract over 10 yeas and so are costing around £400million/year - that's quite a scale up for the £5/day each.

The following 2016 report compiled by New Philanthropy Capital (NPC):

Solutions for Sanctuary: An overview of the refugee and asylum charity sector in the UK

contains numerous statistics about the growing illegals/asylum/refugees in the UK. Bear in mind that this document is already 4 years old but it states that there were "at least" 155,000 refugees and asylum seekers in the UK; refer to Immigrants - Some Facts for a more detailed summary of the facts.

To help put 155,000 into context, the entire population of the city Preston in Lancashire in the 2011 Census was 145,000. I'm sure its population has grown over the past 10 years and as a result it serves as a good comparison. This makes for a useful comparison because when illegals/asylums are placed all over the UK in detentions centres, hotels and private housing the scale of the displacement of the indigenous people is watered down.

I've been to Preston several times and have a good idea of the size of the city. It covers an area of 55 sq miles (142 sq km) - just think about that for a moment. This is the size of geographic area required for Asylum City.

Preston City Council produce Annual Statement of Accounts, and we'll look at the most recent version of 2019-20.

Preston has around 62,600 dwellings. The average household income in Preston at £21,700. Thus, the average total income is £1.36billion. Asylums are not permitted to work and so instead of generating and injecting £1.36billion into the economy, our Asylum City generates £0.

155,000 people don't just bring home their net pay after salary. They pay Income Tax, employee NI and make pension contributions. Their employers make employer NI and pension contributions. These are all £0 in Asylum City.

The 155,000 people in Preston produce widgets, gadgets and stuff. The intention they generate a greater wealth than they consume - that is the whole basis of human effort. The 155,000 occupants of Asylum City produce nothing.

The average Council Tax band for 2020-21 was Band D at £2,003 for the year. For our 62,600 homes that sums to an average Council Tax bill of £125million. The 155,000 occupants of Asylum City contribute £0 to the Council Tax bill.

In 2019-20, Preston Council spent £71million on public services such as collecting rubbish, sweeping the streets, repairing the roads, providing public libraries, etc. A big chunk of this is paid by Council Tax.

The majority of 62,600 homes will be privately owned and the owners maintain them out of their own salaries after having paid Income Tax and NI. Members of Asylum City contribute £0 to the maintenance of the properties they live in. The taxpayer pays for such maintenance and repair.

Citizens of Asylum City don't go to work and as a result don't earn money to buy food and clothes and as with the £125million Council Tax bill, home maintenance, etc you can now start to appreciates how it all adds up to £400million/year to keep Asylum City up and running.

But, it is in fact far worse than costing £400million/year because this figure isn't used to buy the 62,600 homes, lay all the roads and infrastructure that created the city in the first place, laying down gardens, parks, ad so and so forth. Just the value of 62,600 homes each valued at £200,000 sums to £12.4billion. What would it cost to build Asylum City from scratch? Who knows but I bet you'd struggle to build it with a £100billion budget.

And this is what people who haven't lived and don't understand how wealth is created and where money comes from fail to appreciate. This is called the true cost. The entire infrastructure and complex society of keeping Asylum City up and running is an expensive operation involving the laying down of roads, sewers, workers making bread to feed the people, etc. Asylum City doesn't cost £5 per day. It doesn't cost £400million per year. It costs 10s of £billions each year to run. And what do the 155,000 occupants of Asylum City contribute? Zilch.

Header Photograph

If you are wondering what the header photograph is, well it is of The Midland Hotel in Derby. A handsome looking building and part of the Best Western group and used exclusively for periods in 2020 to house illegals/asylums. Yes - I know, it is hard to believe isn't it. All costs paid for by the taxpayer but also no income from paying guests. This is the double-whammy of placing illegals in hotels.