Illegal Immigrants and the NHS

Illegal Immigrants and the NHS

August 2020

There are an estimated 1.2 million illegal immigrants hiding out in the UK.

I've lived in the UK all of my life and I've never heard of a Black Market NHS. Thus, when these 1.2 million illegal immigrants need either dental or medical care where do they go?

When you register at your local dentist you need to provide both your name address.

When you register at your local medical centre you need to provide both your name address.

When you pay a visit to your local Accident and Emergency you need to provide both your name address.

What are 1.2 million illegal immigrants doing? It is clear that they are turning up at the NHS, stating they are illegal to this country, but the NHS continue to provide them with health care. If I'm wrong on this matter then please correct me and I'll be the first to hold my hand up, but until then let's assume I'm right.

Here are statistics for NHS treatment in England alone [NHS Performance Statistics], and for England's approximately 55 million non-illegals people living in the UK we will work out the number of cases of each category per 100,000 cases:

  • A&E - There were 2.17m attendances in October 2019, or around 26m in the whole year. 260/100,000

  • NHS 111 - There were 1.4m calls offered in England in October 2019, or 17m/year. 170/100,000

  • Ambulances - There were 740,459 incidents in England in October 2019, or 8.9m/year. 9/100,000

  • Referral to Treatment - 1.4m patients started consultant-led treatment in September 2019, or 17m/year. 170/100,000

  • Cancer Treatment - There were 308,302 patients who received first treatments in the 12 months to September 2019. 3.1/100,000.

Now, for our 1.2 million illegal immigrants, let's see how much NHS resources they are consuming for the above categories:

  • A&E - 12 x 260 = 3,120

  • NHS 111 - 12 x 170 = 2,040

  • Ambulances - 12 x 9 = 108

  • Referral to Treatment - 12 x 170 = 2,040

  • Cancer Treatment - 12 x 3.1 = 36

And guess who pays for all that treatment? The British taxpayer.

NHS Dentist in England alone is treating around 11 million adults and 7 million children each year; NHS Dentist Statistics. That equates to (11+7)/55 or 32% of the population. For our 1.2 million illegal immigrants that equates to:

  • Dental treatment - 1.2m x 0.32 = 384,000

Who is paying for all that treatment? The British taxpayer.

There's another way to look at the cost. The NHS is a £130billion/year monster serving 68 million throughout the UK. That equates to a cost of £1.91billion per million people. And so for our 1.2million illegal immigrants the cost comes to £2.29billion each year.

The total cost to the British taxpayer for all this treatment to 1.2 million illegal immigrants will add up to hundreds of £millions, and maybe tip into the £billions. Bear in mind it is not just the cost of the actual treatment but the underlying infrastructure and cost of expensive equipment. Because illegals do not contribute to the income and NI tax systems, they contribute sweet fuck all to this bill. It is a national scandal.