Illegals - Law Enforcement or Embarrassment Management?

Illegals - Law Enforcement or Embarrassment Management?

August 2020

In this article I'd like to discuss an aspect of UKGov and OUR [not their] Police Force. It concerns how law-abiding citizens can go about a certain activity freely and then suddenly UKGov puts a stop to that because they perceive it has become embarrassing. There was a beautiful example of this in August 2020 in relation to the illegal immigrants making their way over the English Channel in their thousands and then being collected by a ready and waiting Border Force at Dover. All of a sudden, UKGov, Border Force and the Police Force wanted to put a stop to an activity which previously they weren't the least bit interested in.

Damage Limitation

The screenshot below is taken from a video recorded by Active Patriot filming illegal immigrants boarding a waiting coach. As you watch the video an Immigration Officer approaches the person doing the filming, who eventually has his camera confiscated and is arrested. If you would have done exactly the same 6 months earlier, UKGov would not have had a problem with you. When the shear number of illegals being put onto waiting coaches each and every day became what they thought was too much egg on their face, they then tried to put a stop to this by way of damage limitation, even if their actions was unlawful.

You can read further about this in the following interview with Active Patriot:


British Youtuber Active Patriot Arrested For Live Streaming The Invasion On The South Coast, SensorTube, 7th of August 2020. Video by "We Got a Problem".

Later, they started securing access to what was once - and still is - a public car park, paid for by British taxes. This was nothing more than to prevent people getting too close to film the hundreds each day of illegals being processed off to hotels throughout the UK.

Dover public car park now closed to the ... public!

Photograph courtesy of Steve Laws.

12th of August 2020.

Steve Laws also photographed the Port of Dover restricting access to photographers, attempting to hide the mass influx of illegals into the UK.

Funny how a supposedly democratic country such as the UK cannot tolerate free-speech and freedom of expression.

Shortly after they printed off some more severe signs:

A parking bay paid for by the taxpayer but one in which the taxpayer is not permitted to enter. A parking area that back in January 2020 was open to the public, but by August 2020 was closed to any member of the public armed with a camera or video recording device.

Photo source.

Dover Border Force were clearly staying up late and thinking of new ways to prevent the people who fund their operation from entering. Next came a "No Swimming" sign following water sample tests.

A way of closing the harbour due to testing water samples.

Photo source.

We had to wait till the 19th of August to find out why the water sample tests came back as unsuitable for swimming. That is an illegal immigrant having just been brought into the UK on a RNLI lifeboat and first chance he gets is to piss into British waters.

The photograph is a screenshot from a video taken by Active-Patriot.

On the 2nd of September Steve Laws was arrested and charged as follows:

“On 02/09/2020 at Dover in the county of Kent, without the consent of the owner, or other lawful authority, took a conveyance, namely RHIB (rigid hull inflatable boat) with outboard engine for the use of yourself or another. ... Contrary to section 12(1) of the Theft Act 1968.”

The "owner" of the abandoned dinghy was an illegal immigrant/trafficker. Steve Laws [a British citizen] was then charged for taking the boat out to sea. He had his camera and phone seized and detained in a cell for 16 hours.

Steve Laws being arrested for using a dinghy abandoned by an illegal immigrant.

Video taken by Active Patriot.

By September 2020, UKGov had spent £1,000s of tax payers money fencing the entire compound being used to process the illegal Immigrants in Dover. What do they have to hide? Photographs courtesy of Active-Patriot.

And not just Border Force officers and police but also police officers sent out to hotels housing illegals. Below is a photograph from an article by RT showing an RT reporter being prevented by a police officer from filming at the 3-star Bell Hotel in Epping, north London. They are told the grounds and car park of the hotel is private property. although they usually don't have a problem with paying guests entering the hotel and parking their cars. The caption below also contains a link to a video recorded at the Bell Hotel.

It's all proving too embarrassing for UKGov ...

Further Reading

Steve Laws has been recording the illegal immigrants sham for months, and it is worth paying a visit to his Twitter account and spending half an hour or so browsing through his photographs and videos. The photograph used in the header was taken from his Twitter account.