Moaning Migrants

Moaning Migrants

August 2020

Listed below are several instances of moaning and demands by illegals/asylums that the taxpayer-funded £4billion [£4,000,000,000] illegal/asylum bill over 10 years isn't good enough for the 155,000+ being housed in the UK.

Illegals and Asylums Calling the Shots

Listen to this for a contradiction. In July illegals/asylums at a protest in Glasgow stated that the Home Office had failed in their duty of care. A reiteration of the British Home Office's Mission Statement is in need:

"The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. ..."

The non-British illegals/asylums seem to have the mission statement of the Home Office confused. In fact the Home Office had failed in its duty to protect its native citizens from illegal immigrants and other unknowns. Let's set the record straight!

Hotel living no better than detention centres, asylum seekers say, Express & Star, 1st of July 2020.

That's a newly entered illegal/asylum holding up a sign of a Black clenched fist at the British press and people.

Illegals Don't Like British Free Food

Below is a photograph of free food distributed to illegals that apparently was not "fit for human consumption".

Asylum seekers in Glasgow left 'malnourished' with food not fit for human consumption, Glasgow Times, 6th of July 2020.

The photograph on the left apparently shows food distributed to illegals living in a hotel that was "not fit for human consumption".

Show me the equivalent of State-funded food being provided to Britain's own homeless people.

Park Inn Hotel Stabbings

On the 26th of June 2020, Badreddin Abadlla Adam Bosh was shot dead by Scottish Police after stabbing 6 innocent people, one of which was a police officer. Be under no illusions that those 6 stabbings with a knife were 6 counts of attempted murder.

Apparently, he went out and attempted to murder 6 people because he wasn't happy with the free hotel accommodation, free 3 meals a day, free WIFI, free hotel laundry service, being exempt from Council Tax, £38/week tax-free spending money, free NHS treatment, free clothing, etc, etc, etc. Gee - it must have been tough.

Post-Park Inn Hotel Stabbings

Following the Park Inn 6 attempted murders on the 26th of June 2020, the moaning intensified. Not a word was uttered for the 6 innocent people who nearly lost their lives by a maniac illegal housed in a hotel at the taxpayers expense, but instead the welfare of thousands of illegals.

Hundreds of Glasgow asylum seekers still in 'untenable' hotel accommodation, The Guardian, 26th of July 2020.

"Hotel residents have told the Guardian that conditions remain stressful and isolating, with poor quality food a continuing problem and no concrete information about when they will be moved back to long-term accommodation in the community ..."

Do you see a strict application of social-distancing at that funeral?

Do you see any restrictions placed on the number attending the funeral, with more than 100 attending?

That's more than 100 attending the funeral of an illegal who tried to murder 6 innocent people.

The photograph below is taken from an article in the Guardian dated the 23rd of August 2020 which states:

"The Bell is one of around 20 hotels chosen by the Home Office to temporarily house asylum seekers ..."

It also states:

"The scheme has illuminated the fault lines of Brexit Britain, revealing how disinformation can distort the debate on immigration. ..."

Now head over to the above 26th of July Guardian article, which states:

"A further 4,500 are in the same predicament across the UK, in 53 hotels. ..."

Hold on a minute! Didn't they say 20 hotels above? But 1 month earlier 53 hotels? I'm confused. It sure is "revealing how disinformation can distort the debate".

Ireland Hunger Strike

In July 2020, illegals/asylums placed at the Skellig Star Hotel in Cahersiveen, Ireland went on a hunger strike after claiming a COVID-19 outbreak in the hotel, limited access to social workers and mental health professionals, etc, etc, etc. One resident stated: “It is almost four consecutive months of living in an inhumane condition at Skellig Star Hotel Direct Provision ... and the past and present government have not done anything to help us from this open prison.”

In 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19 many British people found their own NHS treatment cancelled, GP surgeries closed, dental practices closed, and so on. And these people had to nerve to moan that they couldn't get access to health care treatment.

In the photograph below we see them outside moaning that the hotel should be closed. I agree - closed so they have no where to stay and are shipped back to whatever shithole them came from.

Derby Protests

In August 2020 a group of illegals/asylums living in a Derby asylum centre staged a protest about conditions at the hostel and compiled a list of grievances to send to refugee charities to get help; that's right, they wanted others to fix the problems. They complained about the centre being too noisy to get a good night's sleep, safety fears and claims of a lack of health and welfare facilities for the 200 people living in the centre. Incidentally, the asylum centre at Laverstoke Court in Peet Street was previously student accommodation acquired and managed by Serco.

Dover/Gatwick Hunger Strike

A group of 13 illegals facing deportation from the UK after arriving via an ILLEGAL Channel crossing went on hunger strike in the Brook House immigration detention centre near Gatwick Airport. Apparently, they were also claims that some individuals attempted suicide while being held; it's called free-will.

Charity Positive Action Calling for Inquiry

Positive Action are demanding an inquiry not into the attempted murder of 6 innocent people but one that looks into the welfare of illegals.

Calls repeated for public inquiry into 'deadly' refugee housing as seven Glasgow MPs storm crisis meeting - for second time, Glasgow Times, 24th of August 2020.

"Refugee, migrant, housing and human rights charity Positive Action in Housing are now repeating calls for a full, independent inquiry into the housing conditions faced by refugees and asylum seekers - which has gathered over 1500 signatures from organisations across Scottish civic society. ..."

Penally asylum seekers criticise military camp housing, BBC News, 1st of October 2020.

More moaning from those so desperate to come and live in the UK at the taxpayer's expense:

"Asylum seekers being housed in a military training camp said they were shocked by the conditions. ..."