Removing the Funnel

Removing the Funnel

August 2020

I remember the first time I saw the Internet back in the last 1980s and later using the Mosaic browser in the early 1990s.

Back in the 1990s the Internet was all about developing your own crap website and talking about yourself and your cat. Millions of boring webpages - but free from the commercialisation that we see so much of today on the Internet.

Back when the Internet started to take off in the 1990s you could write about what the hell you wanted to on your own website. In 1994 the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) was founded in an attempt to help standardise development but also to help keep the web free man! They did a good job for a while and then big business saw the potential of the Internet and they took over.

Say you wanted to a buy a book today, or a secondhand motorbike. I bet the first thing you would do would be to head over to Amazon or eBay rather than some small one man band operation. What these mega multi-nationals did was to funnel your "shopping experience" down from thousands/millions of webpages down to just 2. A good thing you might argue for making life easier, but not so good for the small retailer. Even small retailers who move their business through Amazon and eBay pay expensive fees for the privilege; and the fees are expensive for the little that Amazon and eBay do.

Once this funnelling model was born then came along social media - what a stupid term for a form of interaction that has little to do with social human to human interaction. Companies like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc all basically reinvented the truly great technology of email to give you more of a real-time and interactive experience. But again these platforms funnel everyone through their systems. You no longer go to Dave's shit HTML page, avoid reading about his cat, locate his "Contact Us" link and send him an email but now do the same thing in a far more smoother manner via a social media platform. Again, it seems progress and a step in the right direction. The problem is censorship.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter hosting billions of user accounts have become so powerful they literally are akin with nation legal systems. If they don't like something you have said they will delete your post, temporarily suspend you, delete your account, unplug you - they are judge, jury and executioner. And it's worse than a legal system because in many instances you are dealing with an automated machine that couldn't care less if you've been unplugged for telling someone to feck off or whatever virtual crime. There are now countless instances of people having their accounts deleted and their voice silenced. Some people would argue this is a good thing, but until it happens to you. I wouldn't mind so much but these companies are some of the dirtiest companies out there when it comes to stealing personal data.

For me, this really came to a head in 2020 with the COVID-19 outbreak. I discuss numerous instances of people being silenced in the book COVID-19 and Project Fear in section "You Can Say What You Like Provided It Agrees With What I'm Saying". It details American nurse Erin Marie Olszewski being silenced over simply trying to provide details of what was going inside New York Elmhurst hospital. It also describes the case of the America’s Front Line Doctors Summit held in Washington DC in July 2020, after which their videos were removed from Facebook, Titter, YouTube [from now on known as SensorTube], and they even found their own service provider, SquareSpace, pulling the plug on their website; this is discussed in more detail in COVID-19 - Suppressing the Truth.

But the one that really got me was David Icke. In March 2020 he made a video, which in many ways simply relayed the words of Dr Kaufman on exosomes. It didn't take long before Icke's video was pulled by SensorTube. As to what David Icke said in his video, you'll never know. And that is the whole point! You are not permitted to judge for yourself but have to take SensorTube's word that it was unacceptable. He could have told the world the secret to the meaning to life, but we'll never know. Now, that has to be wrong! But being David Icke, he didn't stop and wasn't going to stop saying what he wants to say and so they deleted more videos and eventually unplugged him entirely off SensorTube. Facebook [from now on known as Fuckbook] did the same and permanently deleted his Fuckbook account. In Spring 2020 David Icke did a series of interviews for London Reel and both found themselves coming under fire from the free-speech fascists.

What was interesting was how both David Icke and London Reel retreated to their own websites as a way of staying alive. Thus, they pulled themselves away from the funnel. People are getting sick and tired of self-righteous companies such as SensorTube, Fuckbook and Twit and find themselves moving over to Parler, BitChute and others. This is a good thing until these also succumb to government pressure or become as self-righteous as the other mainstream funnel-ers. But, I do hope that people make a return to setting up their own websites. Today, things have moved on a bit and you no longer need to swat up on HTML to setup a website and start writing your own content, free of the stupid character restrictions of Twit and enforced and highly constrained content formats of other platforms. But, most importantly free of some complete arsehole robots trawling everything your write to see if it agrees with what they consider acceptable.

Go on - setup your own website and fight back against those that want to feed you through a funnel of conformity.

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