The New Abnormal

The New Abnormal

August 2020

The truly scary aspect of the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 was how in just the short space of a few months, people adopted an abnormal way of living. Politicians were quick off the mark to refer to this as the "new normal" - nah, it was the new abnormal. Below are a few photographs that caught my attention on this new phase of human insanity.

I'll start with the most shocking. If this is the future - you can keep it.

Looks fun!

WTF ... A photograph taken in the UK in August 2020. Just 6 months earlier you'd have been convinced such a photograph was fake.

That's not a chemistry lesson but a standard class.


Oh fuck!

Back to school on the 1st of September 2020.

They say your schooldays are the best time of your life.

These are the muppets that make decisions on your behalf.

One of the most chilling images of the Spring 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. Staff/robots stood listening and facing BigBrother Health Secretary Matt Hand-cock while inside the Great Embarrassment, otherwise known as the Nightingale hospitals.

An image straight out of Orwell's book/film, 1984. If written today it would be called COVID-1984.

A huge telescreen overlooking Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester cycling through State commands such as ‘Maintain a Safe Distance’, ‘Mask Up’, etc. Dystopian madness.

Another example of UKGov playing mind games with the people:

"Let's Get Back to the Things we Love. Let’s Get Tested."

Testing for COVID-19 is bullshit and anyone with an ounce of common-sense knows it, so what is this all about?

Have those two police officers got nothing better to do than checking if law-abiding citizens are wearing a face nappy before entering public transport?

That is Nicola Sturgeon behind that face nappy [Tartan of course], clearly smiling and pleased with herself for subjecting the hairdresser to those sort of working conditions.

Look What They've Done to Our Way of Life

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer trying out the hairdresser's half-arsed welding mask. As the leader of a political party he leads by the example of looking a right prat.

Fuck that! I'll cut it myself. Even if I make a horse's ass of it, it won't matter because I'm not allowed Outside anyway.

Oh my!

Believe it or not, but you cannot sterilize the Outside.

Seriously, Outside cannot be sterilized and spare a thought for wildlife that lives Outside.

Looks a fun place to work. How do I apply?

Some times, words are simply not enough.

I don't need to say anything here.

Fans of musician Sam Fender having a great time at Gosforth Park in Newcastle. What's the point?

Grandparents and their grandchildren separated by a sheet of glass.

I knew I'd seen the above image somewhere before ...

The face mask zombies who wear them Outside intrigue me. When did fresh air become unhealthy? The wearing of a surgical mask was designed for a surgeon standing perfectly still while maintaining a low heart beat and not to be worn while walking and certainly not cycling. Never underestimate the stupidity of the human race.

I don't really care what humans do to one another but when we offload our insanity onto other animals you then know we have a serious problem.

Social distancing --> Face coverings --> Head coverings. It's called Evolution.

Yes - that is an upside down waste bin.

From upside down waste bin to MicroClimate’s air helmet - it's called Evolution at work. The 'look a right twat' fish bowl helmet will make your pockets £150 lighter, but Oh what fun you can have.

Be ready for space flight.

Strange fish bowl-like helmet goes on sale as face mask alternative, The Mirror, 23rd of September 2020.

"Mine's a double chocolate extra long latte Americano. And be quick about it -"

In those infamous words of John McEnroe "You cannot be serious!"

However bad things get, never lose your sense of humour. It is the one thing that will keep you sane.