The New Abnormal - A Collection

The New Abnormal - A Collection

August 2020

When I first started the article A New Abnormal I never expected it would grow and grow with this weird new abnormal collection of photographs post-COVID-19 outbreak. So as to not destroy the key message behind that article I decided to create this second collection of human insanity. I could have simply dropped this weird stuff into my own personal cloud drive but decided to add this page so that others could also have access to how the fabric of society is being destroyed.

In March 2020, packs of loo roll were seen to move faster than a cheetah.

They call it panic buying. I call it human shallowness.

When you've gotta go - you've gotta go!

Humans - the queuing animal.

COVID-19 Brings DNA Vaccines To The Forefront, wshu, 18th of March 2020.

What's weird about this photo? I hear you ask. That is a pharmacist administering the first shot in a first-stage safety study clinical trial of a potential vaccine for COVID-19 to Jennifer Haller. And not just any vaccine but a new experimental DNA vaccine. And not just any new DNA vaccine but one developed after just 2 to 3 months when COVID-19 appeared on the scene. Vaccines typically take 5 to 10 years to develop but here we see a human guinea pig being injected after around 3 months. That woman is either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid.

Used face nappies at an OSU children's hospital. They tell us that COVID-19 is highly contagious - it must be for the need to wear a mask. Why is it then that the masks are simply dropped in an open basket and left to contaminate the open space? As the door is opened and closed doesn't the draft of air circulate those deadly airborne particles? This is why many people who think for themselves can't take any of this shit seriously.

Woof woof! Under that face nappy is London Mayor Sadiq Khan - the champion of the face nappy. A man who likes the smell of his own breath more than any other living being.

Government enforced child abuse.

Children more at risk from road accident on way to school than coronavirus, says Sage scientist, The Telegraph, 24th of August 2020.

Pupils and staff to wear face masks at Edinburgh school, BBC News, 22nd of August 2020.

"Face coverings make everyone safer".

Prove it.

Where are the clinical trials for mass use of face nappies in public?

This is why both UKGov and the National Hypochondria Service (NHS) have lost credibility.

My eyesight isn't what it used to be. Does it say "Farce Shield" on the rims of the face visors?

Just look at that sign, which actually states:

"Look away when passing other people"

What always gets me about such signs is not the sign itself but the zombie who thought it up. As the pavement narrows due to a bus top, a brain-dead zombie believes a sign is required to prevent the spread of a virus that is known to be less dangerous than flu.

On first viewing, this poster appears an innocent sign to encourage kids to keep 2 metres apart - like when did that become normal! However, look again and you'll spot what is particularly sick about this poster. It is using superheroes to enforce a message by saying "Look kids - if superheroes can wear masks then so can you."

I too lose my sense of smell when I pinch my nose using 2 fingers.

When I saw this circulating on social media I had to add it to the list. It sums up perfectly the utter bullshit of COVID-19 symptoms: cough, sore throat, runny nose, temperature, fever, fatigue, shortness of breath, headache, muscle pain, chills, shakes, covid blue toe, hair loss, gastrointestinal, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of taste and smell, ..., and now yawning!

It's bad enough UKGov ordering me to wear a face nappy but when my Google Browser starts demanding it!

A still from a video of passengers being sprayed as they depart from their international flight.

What are they sprayed with? Water, disinfectant, COVID-19?

Mr & Mrs Nanny State hugging each other through a plastic sheet after returning to the dross that is This Morning in September 2020.

If you give a shit read about this nonsense here:

Holly Willoughby uses ‘cuddle curtain’ for first hug with Phillip Schofield in 6 months as they reunite on This Morning, The Sun, 1st of September 2020.

Last and by no means least. I couldn't resist adding this. I have no idea what's it's about but it had to be appended to the list. Is Chancellor Rishi Sunak performing a prostrate examination on Boris Johnson - we'll simply never know. Whatever it's about, they seem to be having a fun time eating out cheap on UKGov's bullshit incentive while also wanting the people to lose weight.