UKGov's Morally Bankrupt Handling of Illegal Immigrants

UKGov's Morally Bankrupt Handling of Illegal Immigrants

August 2020

The year 2020 (now known as COVID year) saw an explosion in the number of illegal immigrants landing on UK shores. It's my view that the UKGov's handling of these migrants is morally bankrupt for the following key reasons.

Reason 1) - Dinghies Landing on British Shores

What does it say about British defences when dozens of dinghies land on UK shores each and every day of the week? If this was during WWII it would be considered a national disaster. And then we consider the differences between a foreign invasion such as a German army and an illegal army. The UK is being invaded by around 1,000+ illegal immigrants each month via Channel crossing, 1,000s in the back of trucks and countless others making their way undetected. It exposes the UK's border defences to be a national disgrace. On the 2nd of September 2020, 409 illegals were picked up by Border Force in 27 dinghies - that was in 1 single day; for details see here.

The Home Office mission statement reads:

"The first duty of the government is to keep citizens safe and the country secure. ..."

How is not being able to prevent dinghies of illegal immigrants and in many cases dangerous criminals landing on British shores "keeping citizens safe and the country secure"? The Home Office is NOT fit for purpose and should be shut down and replaced immediately. They are a national disgrace and embarrassment.

If you believe illegal immigrants are no danger to the British people then think again. In No Fixed Abode, I discuss how 44 Scottish girls were raped by illegal immigrants placed in Glasgow hotels and housing.

The following RT article provides an account by former police officer Kevin Hurley as to the dangers of allowing unknowns into the UK on such a large scale:

My years in the police tell me some Islamic terrorists are likely reaching our shores in those rubber dinghies. I fear the worst, RT, 22nd of August 2020.

He writes:

"Among all the economic migrants flocking to the UK, I worry that there will be some former ISIS fighters who are hell-bent on revenge. Combine that with around 1,000 terrorists being released this year, and there’s trouble ahead. ..."

Reason 2) - Not Turning Them Back Immediately

In article Crossing the Channel in a Dinghy - No Asylum Case the point was addressed that under the Dublin III convention, the UK is under no obligation to take in illegal immigrants when they travel from a safe country such as France. UKGov would be perfectly within their right to load them on a coach and take them straight back to France via the Euro Tunnel. But UKGov opts against this and instead favours the rights of complete strangers to those of its own people.

UKGov repeatedly gets itself bogged down in legal challenges with taxpayer-funded legal firms about the supposed legal case of whether these illegals should be deported; Blocking Deportation. It's all a farce and everyone sees through it and it does nothing more than make a mockery of the UK government, the legal system and taxpayer. People around the world know all too well what a joke and a ass the UK legal system is and this is why illegal immigrants in their thousands head towards the UK because they know the dumb-ass UK legal system will tie itself in knots protecting the rights of illegals and unknowns more than the rights of its own indigenous citizens.

Reason 3) - Placing Them in Hotels

In article Illegal Immigrants Hotels we list more than 50 hotels that were used in 2020 for housing illegal immigrants once they had arrived on the UK. In article Immigrants - Some Documents we discuss the Home Office audit Asylum accommodation and support, which details how 47% of local authorities are required to process illegal immigrants, and that at any given time hotels across the UK are housing 1,000+. This formal statement of "1,000+" being housed in hotels is simply hilarious. In 2020 we knew that UKGov was housing illegal immigrants in over 50 hotels and with an average of 100 per hotel that comes to 5,000. Then there was the placing of them in old RAF barracks, conference centres, etc. When you have 409 landing in 27 dinghies in 1 day then there is more than 1,000 being housed in hotels. More lying by omission.

What kind of solution is placing illegal immigrants in towns and cities right throughout the country? It is a sham of a policy that is not cost effective but most importantly endangers the lives of the indigenous people.

UKGov's own estimate is that each illegal costs the taxpayer around £560/month, and that's just for accommodation and not including healthcare, etc. With 1,000+ housed at any given time that comes to £560,000+ per month or £6.7million per year. But, as we know these sorts of estimates are way off the mark when the £4billion contract was handed out to Serco and Mears over a period of 10 years, averaging out at £400million/year. There are £millions of taxpayer money being fed through hotel chains, many of which are foreign owned.

When an illegal immigrant is picked up at Dover and dropped off at a hotel in, say, Newcastle - who is that person? Is he a professional criminal? Has he raped girls and women previously? Does he intend to rape and abuse British people? Does he speak English? Does he understand British law as he is free to walk the streets? Does he have an infectious disease such as COVID-19 or TB? The British people know effectively nothing about such people.

Reason 4) - Placing Them in Hotels For 15+ Years

Illegal immigrants in Hotels - A Trackrecord shows that the practice of placing illegal immigrants in hotels has been going on for more than 15 years. What kind of long term solution is that? This has done nothing more than endanger the lives of the British people while at the same time lined the pockets of hotel chains. It shows a half-arsed typically amateurish British solution to the handling of its own bullshit Asylum and Immigration legislation. It sits on its high horse of offering shelter to illegal immigrants and puts off the actual handling of them to a later date. We then see perfect storm scenarios such as the 2020 illegal immigrant invasion and UKGov simply can't cope and has no idea how to cope with its own legislation.

Reason 5) - Using RNLI Charity Lifeboats

The photograph below shows a RNLI charity-funded lifeboat ferrying in illegal immigrants into Dover on the 19th of August 2020.

A RNLI lifeboat photographed at Dover on the 19th of August 2020 ferrying in illegal immigrants.

The photograph was taken by Steve Laws and posted in this tweet.

The UK government received £38billion of taxpayer funding in 2019 for the Armed Forces. The UK Border Agency is a multi-£billion taxpayer funded organisation. And yet, the above photograph shows UKGov taking advantage of an RNLI lifeboat to process illegal immigrants. If that isn't morally bankrupt then I don't know what is. Using a charitable service to ferry illegal immigrants and other undesirables onto British soil. What a fucking sham!

The very same day Active-Patriot uploaded a video to Twitter showing one of the newly imported illegals urinating into British waters.

There's a video for RNLI's charity funding campaign.

Reason 6) - Border Force Sits Idle

While RNLI lifeboats helped shipping in illegals in the UK at Dover, 170 miles away 2 Border Force vessels sat doing nothing. On the 23rd of August 2020, The Sun newspaper reported of Border Force vessels - HMC Protector and HMC Searcher - laid up in Lowestoft Harbour, Suffolk, while dozens of migrants are being brought to Dover each day around 170 miles away.