A Place of Worship

A Place of Worship

July 2020

On the 7th of June 2020 Edward Colston's statue in the centre of Bristol was illegally torn down by a gang of BLM protesters rioters. A month later on the 14th of July in the early hours of the morning and cover of darkness a new statue of a BLM protester rioter was put in place of Colston's statue.

We had a statue of a man in deep thought and a state of contemplation replaced by a woman with a clenched fist. Some - many - believe this is progress. They argue that Colston's statue "celebrated" slavery and therefore must come down - be torn down illegally. People such as the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who said of when talking of the removal of Robert Milligan's statue in West India Quay:

"... It’s a sad truth that much of our wealth was derived from the slave trade - but this does not have to be celebrated in our public spaces. "

Sadiq Khan, 9th of June 2020, Twitter

Look at the above photograph of Colston's statue and ask yourself how is it "celebrating slavery"? It is not - it shows a man contemplating life, its meaning, and maybe his own life and wrongs that exist in the world, and indeed he can be contemplating anything you want him to be thinking about. If his statue celebrated slavery it could have depicted him holding a chain with a slave in tow, but it doesn't. Colston's statue may be a "reminder" to slavery for some but it in no way "celebrated" slavery.

And now to what was lowered in its place. A scruffily dressed woman wearing a cap as though a member of a freedom fighter mob, with her right arm raised reminiscent of a Nazis salute and bearing a clenched fist. A non-aggressive man substituted for a member of a mob with an aggressive clenched fist.

If you had stopped in the street several of the BLM protesters rioters a year before the 7th of June 2020 and asked them who was the statue in the centre of Bristol, few would have known who it depicted. A statue that had stood since 1895. I'll be honest - I'd never heard of Edward Colston until his statue was torn down by a mob. What the BLM protesters rioters don't want to talk about is how Colston used his wealth for philanthropic causes such as endowment to charities, schools, almshouses, hospitals and churches in Bristol, London and elsewhere. David Hughson, writing in 1808, described Colston as "the great benefactor of the city of Bristol". Numerous people of all races have benefited from his charitable intentions.

Colston's replacement statue of the BLM protester rioter was secretly erected just before 5am on Tuesday the 14th of July without the knowledge of Bristol City Council. When did the UK become a country in which statues were not only torn down illegally but erected illegally? As far as am I aware, not 1 single person has been sentenced and imprisoned for tearing down Colston's statue, and yet the event was well recorded of people tearing down the statue, rolling it down the street and then pushing it into the harbour water. I gather a person was cautioned - 1 person cautioned for hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage.

If I don't like a thing X then I contact my local MP, start a petition, etc to have X removed. I do not go out in broad daylight and tear down X. If such actions are permitted and seen to not hold any form of punishment then the UK government and its ass of a legal system are seen by all to be encouraging a lawless society. Equally, when did people start adding extensions onto their homes without first applying for planning permission, and erecting statues in the dark hours of the morning without first applying for permission? There are lawful procedures and if a group wants to erect a statue then follow the established protocols and file an application to the correct government body.

It didn't take long before people were "taking the knee" with "a clenched fist" before the new illegally erected BLM protester rioter statue. The site quickly became a place of worship - a sort of Mecca drawing people in from far and wide to begin their new form of contemplation while sporting an aggressive clenched fist and lowering themselves into a submissive posture.

These worshippers of the illegal, the unruly mob, the violent and the lawless. But what exactly are they "taking the knee" with "a clenched fist" for? To find out we would have to head over to the 24th of June 2020 Spectator article Revealed: What ‘Black Lives Matter’ really stands for. Let's summarise the new set of commandments these followers worship:

  • The dismantling of capitalism

  • Arguing that climate change is racist

  • The abolishment of prisons

  • The removal of borders

  • The belief system that unemployment is violence

  • The abolishment of stop and search

  • The abolishment of police

  • The appointment of a government official from Pakistan heritage is racist

  • The suffragettes were racist

  • Churchill was a 'staunchly racist'

  • Big charities are 'colonisers'

Some of these commandments are truly bizarre while others are easier to interpret such as abolishing stop and search, and the removal of the police and prisons so the followers are free to go about their lawless and criminal ways free of any form of retribution. And that everyone should be employed by right, we start touching the Marxist and Communist aspect of their agenda. And finally, that anyone, anything and everything is racist if they say it is and not of some form of Black origin. A strange new form of religion and morality indeed.

Maybe, the UK government hasn't completely abandoned all sense of due process, because in the space of less than 2 days the illegally erected BLM protester rioter statue was removed on the 16th of July, again in the early hours of the morning at 5:30am.

Edward Colston's statue stood for 125 years. The BLM statue stood for less than 2 days. I can't think of a more fitting comparison to sum up the bullshit that is the half-arsed BLM movement.