July 2020

Take a look at the following Sky News article title, but don't click on the link just yet:

Coronavirus: BAME groups disproportionately fined for COVID-19 breaches, Sky News, 27th of July 2020.

The article summarises findings of a report which published details of COVID-19 related fines in 2020. See how the title suggests that members of the BAME community were disproportionately fined. Surely the police weren't specifically targeting non-Whites in COVID-19 violations? Were they?

The whole intent behind this news story is that if you just read the title and maybe the header then you go away with the message that the police force issuing of fines is racially-biased. They do not want you to leave with the impression which is probably closer to the truth that non-Whites broke the law more than Whites when it came to adhering to COVID-19 legislation. Oh no, that just couldn't be true could it because as we all know, the sun does shine out of a non-White ass.

Mainstream news outlets such as Sky News, The Guardian, BBC, etc does this sort of subliminal reporting on a daily basis, while at the same time publishing blatant lies that they subscribe to unbiased journalism.

You can now click on the link and read the article - that is assuming you give a shit!

A fact:

"Some regions "BAME people" ("BAME people" - what the fuck!) were up to 6.5 times more likely to be fined than White people."

Oh look - another fact that negates the entire title of the article:

"Cumbria Police issued just 3 fines to Black people [down from BAME to Black], equating to 30 per 10,000 compared with 8 per 10,000 White people. "

So, now Sky News could publish an article just for the Cumbria region and call it:

Coronavirus: White people disproportionately fined for COVID-19 breaches, ...

How can you have any respect or time for such a news outlet after reading such biased rubbish? The BAME or Blacks or non-Whites in some areas were fined 6.5 times more because they violated the law 6.5 times more and in some other areas (eg Cumbria) Whites were fined 2.7 times more because they violated the law 2.7 times more.

What is it with organisations such as Sky News, The Guardian, BBC, etc always trying to make a race issue when one doesn't exist?

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