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An Example

BBC Biased Reporting - An Example

July 2020

On the 30th of July 2020 the Biased Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) ran the following news item:

Met Police 'four times more likely' to use force on black people

The article states:

"Metropolitan Police officers are four times more likely to use force against black people compared with the white population, new figures have suggested."

Yes, the BBC are reporting newly released data but it is the way they do so. They are endlessly trying to make everything into a race issue and whip up racial hatred in the UK. Let's take a closer look. They present the following Figure:

For 159,000 instances of using force in 2019/20 by the Metropolitan Police force, the Figure shows the percentages of 4 racial groups and the associated percentage of when force was used during an arrest.

The Figure shows 159,000 recorded instances of force arrests for 4 different racial groups. The BBC state:

"with more than a third of incidents involving black people"

What the children at the BBC don't tell you is that Blacks are arrested more than Whites. The Figure below shows arrests in England Wales in 2017/18:

Arrests in England and Wales in 2017/18.

As the above Figure illustrates, Blacks are 3.5 more times likely to be arrested than Whites, and thus it follows 3.5 times more likely to experience a force arrest.

The numbers for the 4 racial groups of arrests per 1,000 are:

White: 10

Black: 35

Mixed: 19

Asian: 12

Relative to White we have:

White: 1

Black: 3.5

Mixed: 1.9

Asian: 1.2

And as we see, Blacks are arrested 3.5 times more than Whites and as a consequence 3.5 times likely to experience a forced arrest, and particularly if resisting arrest. This is in direct agreement with the BBC's claim that "officers are four times more likely to use force against black people".

The key point behind this is that rather than continually slagging off the White racial group and trying to make something out of an issue that does not exist we in fact see that of the 4 discussed racial groups, Whites are in fact arrested the least. It is the other groups where the problems lay.

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