Colston's Statue


Still Standing

Colston's Statue is Still Standing

July 2020

You would think that today's so-called enlightened youth, far-left communists and members of the BLM anti-establishment movement would have read George Orwell's novel 1984. A key part of this work is when Winston is being tortured by O'Brien and made to believe that Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. The fact Oceania was once at war with Eurasia is replaced by a rewriting of history that it has in fact always been at war with Eastasia. This is one of Orwell's key points, that an entire nation's people can, by sufficient propaganda and brainwashing, be made to believe an untruth.

Edward Colston's statue once stood in Bristol Centre. It was erected in 1895. It was torn down in June 2020. But it once stood on that spot. An angry BLM mob could melt down the bronze statue and crush the stone plinth on which it rested. They could atomise every neighbouring piece of material so no visible reminder of the statue remains. However, Colston's statue once stood there for a timespan of 125 years. It is a truth and truths can never be removed.

Colston's statue has been pulled down by thugs, but it still remains standing in many photographs circulating in books and public libraries. Are these to be deleted and burnt next? If so, then next the images and text must be removed from Colston's Wikipedia page and deleted from all data servers holding details of the once proud statue. And even if the violent fist-clenching mob managed this, what then? Do they then work on our minds and the minds of our descendants? And if they managed to erase the statue from our minds and the minds of all future generations, it would still hold true that once and for a timespan of 125 years, Edward Colston's statue stood in Bristol Centre. What then? How is this truth removed? It isn't, just as Oceania was never at war with Eastasia.

This is why I have no time for the ignorant BLM lot.