Fellow Freedom Fighter


I Salute You!

Fellow Freedom Fighter - I Salute You!

July 2020

A custom you won't find mentioned in the HighWay Code is that of motorbike riders raising their hand when passing a fellow biker on the wide and open road - the so-called motorcycle wave.

As to why bikers do this I'm not one hundred percent sure but view it as not only a mark of respect for fellow bikers but a salute to a member of a dying breed. If the number of motorbikes on the road equalled that of the number of cars I'm sure this custom would quickly fade away. But it lives on because bikers know all too well that their passion for motorbikes is not understood by 95% of the population, and particularly by those in government positions.

Today - Friday the 17th of July 2020 - I paid a visit to Lidl supermarket to do a weekly shop. I specifically chose Lidl because they are the one supermarket out of the herd that have publicly stated that shoppers will not be harassed for not wearing a face mask nappy. I was disappointed with my fellow citizens to see effectively all shoppers were wearing some form or other of face covering nappy. However, as I made my way out of the store I saw another free spirit shopper such as myself who was nappy free. I raised my right hand in the age old tradition of a knight of the realm saluting their fellow knight and said to the shopper:

"Fellow freedom fighter - I salute you!"