Hamilton the Hypocrite

Hamilton the Hypocrite

July 2020

Lewis Hamilton is guilty of being a hypocrite. He accuses the F1 Association of not doing enough to promote "diversity" in F1 motor sport, but what is his own track record? Zilch!

In May 2020 Hamilton's personal wealth was estimated to be of the order of $230million, and in 2020 was being paid around $50million per year by his Mercedes team. Of his $230million personal fortune what percentage of that has he spent on promoting "diversity" in sport? Let's see some numbers. It's all too easy to blame others for not doing enough, but what has he done? Before accusing others, Hamilton should have first looked inward at his own greedy lifestyle.

It is well-known that Hamilton avoided paying £3.3million in 2017 when he purchased a private jet; Lewis Hamilton avoided taxes on £16.5m jet using Isle of Man scheme. How does he think the UK government pay for schools and other services which are used by Black people? Does he think UK government money grows on trees? No, the money comes from taxation, which he went out of his way to avoid paying. Doesn't he understand that some of that £3.3million tax bill would have contributed to helping Black lives?

Why does Hamilton not live in the UK? Instead, like a lot of F1 drivers, he elects to live in a tax haven such as Monaco. But, let's assume he lived in the UK and paid ~50% of his annual salary of around £40million in tax, resulting in £20million each year going into the UK tax system. Just think how much that would help towards improving the lives of all sorts of people, some of whom would be Black. But nah - instead he avoids the UK tax system and spends the £20million/year on all sorts of shit that typically feeds the rich and famous such as expensive and unnecessary fast cars, yachts, private jets, etc.

If you'd have paid a visit to Hamilton's Twitter page on the 17th of July 2020 you'd have seen the following image:

That above photograph of him posing was uploaded in July 2020 when the world was trying its best to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. On the 17th of July 2020 there were a reported 241,000 new daily cases and 5,655 new daily deaths around the world; check for yourself at world-o-meter. In Africa there were a reported 19,454 new daily cases and 690 new daily deaths with a total of 774,000 cases and 19,000 deaths. And what is Hamilton doing? Modelling a new pair of trainers!

Thousands of people were dying and suffering from a virus. Thousands of businesses were folding and millions were being made unemployed and Hamilton was prancing around in a black t-shirt, wearing a black face nappy, "taking the knee", "clenching a fist" and demanding this and that from the F1A and fellow drivers. I can't take the man seriously.

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