Look What They've Done to Our Way of Life

Look What They've Done to Our Way of Life

July 2020

The photograph below is of Nicola Sturgeon [the one wearing the tartan face nappy] having a her hair done by a hairdresser on Wednesday the 15th of July 2020, on the re-opening of hairdressers following their forced closure on the 23rd of March 2020 national lockdown.

Just sit for a moment and take a good look at the above photograph. Here's what I think of it:

  • Firstly, and most importantly my thoughts are with the hairdresser having to wear a face nappy, plastic visor, latex gloves and body protector for hours at a time. Sturgeon's own government policies enforced such measures by way of law.

  • If I didn't tell you that it was the Right Honourable First Minister for Scotland and MP Nicola Sturgeon under that face covering - face mask - face nappy - then would you have known?

  • Of course the face nappy has to be made of tartan material, because she is the First Minister for Scotland! Corny beyond description.

  • The photograph appears to be a selfie and she appears [although hard to tell] to be smiling and happy with herself.

  • She is clearly proud of this photograph, otherwise we wouldn't have seen it. But what does it say about what these Muppet People [MP] or Monster People {MP} have done to our way of life?

What have these "people" done to our way of life? Just 4 months earlier people visited a hairdressers and sat in comfort and enjoyed themselves while they had their hair cut. And in the short space of just 4 months look what these psychopaths have done to our world.

She thinks she's clever and setting a good example to the people of Scotland. Not for me she isn't. And not for many others. In my book she looks an idiot and her actions and policies have made workers and people look not only idiots but subjected them to sadistic, unnecessary and downright unhealthy working conditions.

She proudly sits in the hairdresser's chair, smiling under her tartan face nappy, grabbing herself a selfie for her so-called loving and loyal fans. But, my heart goes out to the young, innocent and vulnerable who look at such images and believe that this is necessary and what the future ahead has in store for us all. A strange kind of dystopian and perverse future.