Nero Played the Fiddle


Johnson Rode a Bicycle

Nero Played the Fiddle - Johnson Rode a Bicycle

July 2020

We've all heard the story of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned.

In July 2020 we saw a modern day equivalent of this with Prime Minister [UK's Emperor] Boris Johnson but instead of a playing a fiddle as the UK burned he rode a bicycle. Below are photographs from a tweet he posted on the 28th of July 2020.

On the same day he was busy showing us around a bicycle shop. While the Japanese government were probably out discussing with Honda and Kawasaki and the German government in discussions with BMW and Mercedes, Johnson was swatting up on his next model of bicycle.

A day earlier, in another tweet on the 27th of July 2020 he told the nation about losing a few pounds in weight on his midriff.

This is all very well but let's remind ourselves of "Johnson Economics"; namely how the UK's GDP was driven over the edge of a cliff in the short space of 2 months and sent the UK's economy back 18 years. A form of accelerationism in which an economy is destroyed as rapidly as possible. At the start of 2020 economists around the world didn't believe such an economic model was possible, but Johnson proved it is. An economic model that makes the 2008/09 global financial crash look like loose change.

That's quite an achievement and a first for a UK Prime Minister and a result I'm sure Emperor Nero would have been proud of.

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