New Zealand's Legalised Murder of

Newborn Babies

New Zealand's Legalised Murder of Newborn Babies

July 2020

This article concerns New Zealand's abortion policy.

The Law as I See It

I have a name and address and was born and live in the UK. That gives me certain rights within the eyes of the law. One of those rights [as far as I am aware] is that the UK government armed with its police force can't arrive at my door and murder me. I may be wrong, but think that is the general idea.

What about before I was born when I existed inside my mother's womb? Well, the law says that I could have been aborted - which is another word for murdered. Not killed but murdered because to murder is to kill with intent, and abortion is non-accidental. And so we see that countries such as the UK and New Zealand murder [sorry, abort] unborn babies. They call it progressive.

And so we arrive at the murder of newborn babies. After a woman has just given birth to a healthy baby, can the State murder that child? Again, I'm no legal expert but to the best of my knowledge I think the answer is no. I'm confident I'm right on this point because I think I would have seen that story make the mainstream media. Thus, countries do not go around murdering newborn babies.

A newborn baby "has arrived" and has rights, and hopefully the same rights as myself and other adults. In fact, I hope a newborn baby would have a greater set of rights than myself because in many ways it is innocent, vulnerable and unable to defend itself against the rottenness that exists in the world. But, let's assume for argument sake babies and adults have the same rights and that the State does not go around murdering them in the same way it does not go around murdering its other citizens.

New Zealand Abortion Act 2020

The Abortion Act 2020 permits the abortion of a baby that is more than 20 weeks old under Section 11, which states:

"Section 11: After 20 weeks, a health practitioner can only provide abortion services to a woman if it is deemed clinically appropriate and if they consult at least one other qualified practitioner."

The legislation does not specify an upper limit to when an abortion can be carried, and is therefore left to the judgement of a minimum of 2 medical practitioners.

A Failed Abortion

Not all abortions go as planned and there are numerous occasions in which an aborted baby is born alive. What then? It was decided that the baby was to be murdered [sorry, aborted - I must stop doing that] but the abortion failed and a baby "arrived" into the world and made it as a living breathing citizen just like you and me. Surely, it then has the right not to be murdered, as we outlined above. Wrong!

The "Care of child born after abortion" amendment was put forward by Simon O'Connor and consisted of:

"22 Care of child born after abortion

(1)This section applies if an abortion results in a child being born.

(2)A qualified health practitioner who performed the abortion that results in the birth of a child, or any other health practitioner present at the time the child is born, has a duty to provide the child with appropriate medical care and treatment.

(3)For the avoidance of doubt, the duty owed by any health practitioner to provide medical care and treatment to a child born as a result of an abortion is no different than the duty owed to provide medical care and treatment to a child born other than as a result of an abortion."

I've emphasised in bold the key parts of the text, which logically agrees with what was outlined above that a baby that has arrived in the world surely has the same rights as you and me. Well, the New Zealand political system didn't agree.

The amendment was NOT approved, and the voting went as follows: Ayes 37, Noes 80

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was one of the Noes.

New Zealand's Legalised Murder of Newborn Babies

And so we arrive at our conclusion. An unborn baby can be ruled as unwanted and aborted. If the baby is less than 20 weeks old then a single medical practitioner can decide to abort the baby. If the unwanted baby is more than 20 weeks old then the medical practitioner carrying out the abortion must consult with a second practitioner. As far as the law is concerned, there is no upper limit timescale as to when an abortion can no longer be performed and such judgements are left in the hands of medical practitioners.

If an abortion goes wrong and the baby is born alive then it has no rights like you or me and is still deemed unwanted and the medical practitioner is permitted to slit its throat and kill/murder the living thing.

Humans - the "humane" and progressive species.


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