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Sadiq Khan - the Knife Crime Weasel

July 2020

The 17th of July 2020 saw the release of a UK Home Office report detailing crime throughout England & Wales:

Crime outcomes in England and Wales 2019 to 2020, Home Office, 17th of July 2020.

The report revealed that knife crime was up 6% from the previous year and having risen to an all time new level, Knife crime in England and Wales at record high, figures show. A result that you'd think the Mayor of London would be interested in reporting or commenting on. Let's take a look at Sadiq Khan's 17th of July 2020 tweets on Twitter:


1) Londoners: protect yourself and everyone around you. Wear a face covering on public transport, in shops and anywhere it’s hard to keep a safe distance from others.

2) As Mayor, I’m doing all I can to support London businesses of all sizes and in all sectors as we look to restart our economy. In my @CBItweets speech to business leaders, I called on the Government to implement a tailored, jobs-first recovery for London.

3) London: it’s perfectly normal if these uncertain times get you down sometimes. I feel it too. I hope that speaking about my mental health encourages others to do the same. [A repeated "I am a mental health sufferer" tweet from Khan]

4) Great to be here in Hackney to meet the brilliant @BaduSports team - and announce that I’m investing an extra £2.1 million to provide summer activities to disadvantaged young Londoners.

5) This distressing incident is deeply concerning. I welcome the fact the incident has been reviewed quickly by the Met - and it’s right that they have referred it to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. I look forward to a swift and thorough independent investigation.

6) The Tory Government are choosing to implement a new era of austerity. They are punishing Londoners for doing the right thing by staying home during COVID19. Registering for an #EarlyVote is the best thing you can do to help Labour win in May next year.

7) Update: the incident in Holloway was reviewed quickly by the Met and referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct. An officer has now been suspended from duties, and I look forward to a swift and thorough independent investigation.


See any mention of this important report on increasing knife crime throughout England & Wales and in London? Not a sausage.

Instead, notice his repeated references [tweet numbers 5) and 7)] to the incident of a police officer videoed seen kneeling on a Black who was previously disarmed from carrying a knife and who is seen to continually resist being arrested.

This is what Sadiq Khan - the knife crime weasel - does again and again, in that he avoids addressing a key problem in London and instead deflects the public eye onto mindless dross such as the fetish he has with the wearing of face nappies on public transport and in shops.